27 March, 2007

uae will not attack iran

"DUBAI, March 27 (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates, a key U.S. ally, said on Tuesday it would not be involved in any military strike on Iran, but urged the Islamic Republic to avoid regional tensions.

"The UAE is an independent and sovereign state that rejects the use of its territories, air or regional waters to attack any country, especially if it is a neighbour and Muslim," President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan told Arab newspaper al-Hayat.

"We have informed the Iranian brothers ... that we are not party to its conflict with the United States and will not allow our territories to be used for any military, security or spy activities against it."
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Anonymous said...

Smart move by the UAE. They know well that Iran could totally screw up their development plans.

As I always say 'better be a live coward than a dead hero'

Anonymous said...

Isn't the statement by Sheikh Khalifa a little contradictory given the extent to which Terminal 2 of the Dubai airport is essentially the number one transit point for the US's privatized war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not to mention the many companies based in Dubai that literally "man" the war by providing cheap Asian labor to construct prisons, drive supply trucks, and service the occupying forces?

i, Bobo said...

The statement wasn't issued to indicate the UAE wouldn't attack Iran, it was issued to let the Iranians know that any US attack wouldn't come from the not-so-secret US air and naval bases that "don't exist" in the UAE.

BTW, the idea that the United States or Great Britain would attack Iran is patently absurd. Anyone suggesting it (up to and including including GWB) has clearly read too many Tom Clancy novels.

Second --

"Terminal 2 of the Dubai airport is essentially the number one transit point for the US's privatized war in Iraq and Afghanistan"

Nope, not true. That honor presently belongs to Queen Alia International Airport in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Not to mention the fact that entire nation of Qatar has been transformed into one gigantic US military base.

Now, if you wanted to talk about the largest transshipment point for Afghan smack going to the West or ex-Soviet arms going to Africa, well...

BuJ said...

wow.. provocative and cheeky title..
i'm sure the uae's army is the least of iran's worries.. no?

the uae has much better weapons to use if it wants conflict.. but is that constructive?

BuJ said...

oh, can i add "misleading" to the list of adjectives for the title?

Anonymous said...

UAE outsmarts Dubya! Nice. Just as Haliburton moves its HQ down to Dubai, out comes this statement. Very smart, indeed.

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