04 March, 2007

The Bell Tolls

First phase of Road Toll System to begin in July 2007

Brought to you by Underground Dubai


trailingspouse said...

Card cancellation fee 10 Dhs? Why would you want to cancel the card? Wouldn't you just stop using it?

i*maginate said...

Why can't people share cards?

jummy bear said...


How does a person survive like this? They're tolling everything in sight that's tollable!!!

Festival City had paid restrooms for crying out loud!!!

What NEXT??? I shudder to think.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would a place as small as Dubai have tolls?

ADinamorato said...

I wont be surprised if they would make more money from law breakers than the normal payers.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Another way to make more money. sigh.

Why on earth would a place as small as Dubai have tolls?

My sentiments exactly.

elanor rigby said...

they are going 2 have tolls, so they can build more malls, more useless apartments that are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced & more stuff that they really don't need.
does any1 think that the bubble is gonna burst soon? & if so, what happens next,eh?

nzm said...

I wonder of the stickers can be read through 100% tinted windscreens? :-)

CG said...

perhaps those with 100% tint will be exempt.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you will get pirates who will issue duplicate cards once they figure out the technology. Remember the fake cable TV cards that flooded the market.

BuJ said...

Quick question:

What happens if your car is from another emirate, or say you drive from Oman or KSA and you pass under one of those salik thingies...

How do they charge you?

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Anonymous said...

I h8 it ....
Am against tolls!!! cmon whats the use???

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