03 March, 2007

How to be famous in this century: Be an “Ideapreneur”.

The opportunity to re invent and integrate in the coming years is huge and it’s up to each individual to make use of it. In this century, everyone will and can be an innovator, people are the users and they will have the final word on the product at the end of the day. As it is, there is an obvious shift of power from the corporations to the end users. People now search for the reviews from other people online on the product before buying. This shift of power has been possible by the greatest invention of this century and yes you guessed it, the internet. It is the people’s economy and somewhere in the present and the future, this shift of power will reflect a thinning line between the marketer and the consumer.
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samuraisam said...


naamer said...

I know that creativity is not really what UAE thrives on, we prefer to borrow cultures. But it's good to be informed and try to see the relevance in this context. The post is on a personal blog but it's obvious that you didn't read the entire post.
Do read it and then let me know if you still think that it's not relevant.

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