08 March, 2007

The Complete Dubai

What Dubai will look like when it's finished.

Click on the image to enlarge it
Well, not really! However, I thought that it was ironically close to what could be the real thing, given some of the projects that have been announced which will emulate famous icons from other countries!

Image by un-named artist found here, together with a whole lot of other terrific artwork.

Is that Brad Pitt looking out the window of his Palm Deira apartment?


border said...

what the......

SevenSummits said...

absolutely hilarious :-) Thanks for this funny (or maybe scary?)contribution!

BuJ said...

damn! they missed out my house!

thanks for posting hehe

Seabee said...

Love it!

I passed a sign today that said "50km. Dubai Int'l Endurance City". What the hell is that?!

Anonymous said...

Why all of the sarcasm?

nzm said...

Mitsuki: what sarcasm?

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