12 March, 2007

Muslim or Humans?

One of the Emails I received and I thought I should further elaborate on it, are we Muslims and is it right to judge people by its race, religion and nationality? Do people like these which are mentioned below link represent Islam?

Ellie saw this story on the BBC News website and thought I should see it.She Asked me : ** Message **Does this really go on? It's the 2nd article I hear n it's pretty sick,especially when the court orders it. Aren't u guys supposed to be Muslims?** Six arrested over Pakistan rape **Police in southern Pakistan arrest six men in connection with the kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old girl.

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secretdubai said...

The fact that these people are muslims is irrelevant. Rape has no role in Islam, even as punishment.

These are backwards, cruel, uncultured third world peasants. And a "village council" is not an Islamic court.

What religion someone is born into makes no difference to what kind of a person they are. It is actively following a religion or private code of conduct that makes someone a kind and decent human being.

Just being born the child of muslim parents does not make you a "muslim" in the true, spiritual sense, whatever a country's laws might say. You are only a Muslim if you follow Islam of your own volition and live your life accordingly. Ditto Christians, Jews, Hindus etc. Otherwise such terms are meaningless. Islam is not a race.

fellow atheist said...

I'm sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but those 'muslim/islam' type of posts are starting to turn me off this entire blog. It's not related to the UAE. I can understand the constant spam-like Jumeirah Islamic session announcements.. but this constant Islamic-slanted posting trend is starting to get to me.

Don't get me wrong Fahad, I think your understanding of religion is great. It has nothing to do with my belief or yours. Just a question of relevance.

Of course I could be the only one, while others like it. In which case, more power to ya.

Fahad said...

@atheist : How can you say Islam is not related to UAE, i believe UAE is a muslim country and majority of people who live here are Muslims ..good or bad... If you live in UAE thn your comment shows signs of Hypocrisy...People who live here and visit UAE should repect its religion and Culture, cause you come across mosques and muslims at every corner ...if you dont like it thn you should move on. I understand your problem totally and i dont blame you if you dont like the muslim posts...(your name says it All).so my sincere advice to you is to please turn a blind eye to muslim posts and go for posts of your choice...I believe you do have options of clicking on something you like, no one has pointed a gun on your head to read what i write...

Anyways thanks for your comments

fellow atheist said...

oh no fahad, I was afraid I would be misunderstood like that. The article is about Muslims in Pakistan.. If you want to think about it this way, then everything Arab is also fair game here.. and Indian too, since the UAE has a majority of Indians living in it.

I simply was saying that if it was about Islam with the UAE in context, great.. but if it's general musings, then I thought it didn't quite fit under the UAE Community blog. I do frequent your blog.. and I do enjoy your postings. You completely misunderstood me.


Fahad said...

@ Atheist : See i hope you dont misunderstand me as well, we are just discussing which can be delt with easily all you have to do is read it or ignore it cause no one else is complaining yet....and about pakistanis, that person mentioned are you guys muslims...so its directly related to every muslim on earth, i am a pakistani and a muslim, i am sure there must be few more people like me in this UAE community ..isnt it so ?

Isnt it great, a muslim is sharing something with people who can be of any religion or a race. Between few entertaining posts if i post something, that shouldnt be a problem,,,arent we here to voice our opinions after all... the community is about people, it doesnt mean you just have to talk about just same country all the time.

anyways lets not drag it further ....

take care

p.s. nick "Fellow Atheist" is it relevent to keep a nick like that,your nicks represents you as a rejector of all religions, how will people of all religions take that, ever thought about that....

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