28 March, 2007

USE - Useful Stuff Exchange

Hi All,

Thought I'd let you know of a UAE blog service that I've started as a hobby: USE - Useful Scan/Stuff Exchange.

I scan useful information from flyers, brochures, mags, newspapers and post them on my blog. The idea is to provide a 1-point quick reference of useful information in the UAE.

I've already posted some stuff...take a look: http://useuae.blogspot.com
Brickbats, boquets, ideas welcome.

I had an idea of also posting scanned business cards of people and professionals offering services in the UAE. Do email me scans of your business card or any other information that you would like me to put up on the USE blog. Email them to useuae@gmail.com.




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surely some coryright issues here.

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