28 March, 2007

Car Accidents in the UAE

  • Men responsible for 92% of deaths.

  • Drivers from the age group 18 to 27 have been held responsible for 37% of deaths.

  • Last year's death average was one every 28 hours.

  • Pakistani drivers were responsible for 25.6% of deaths, Indian drivers caused 20% followed closely by UAE nationals at 19%.

  • The number of accidents in 2006 was 243,386...an increase of 61% compared to 2005.

  • In these 312 people were killed while 1,812 were injured.

  • Fatal accidents at night made up 45 per cent of the total number of fatalities.

  • Private vehicles caused 1,164 accidents killing 167 people.

  • Heavy trucks were responsible for 128 accidents causing 32 deaths.

  • Light trucks were responsible for 133 accidents and 25 deaths.

  • Emirates Road continues to remain the most dangerous road, topping the list with 128 accidents in which 40 people were killed.

  • Sheikh Zayed Road stood second with 122 accidents although the death toll here increased to 45.

  • Al Khail Road followed closely with 34 accidents and nine deaths.

  • Dubai-Al Ain Road recorded 33 accidents and nine deaths.

  • Sheikh Rashid Road had 29 accidents and six deaths.

  • Al Ittihad Road had 24 accidents and seven deaths.

[Via Emirates Today]


Anonymous said...

I thought that these statistics had come out a little earlier as well. Interesting to note the break-up by nationality. As an Indian, I'm relieved to note that Indians account for just 20% of the accidents. With up to 80% of drivers on the road being Indian, this means Indian drivers' accident rate is just one quarter of what it is for other nationalities put together.

Not bad at all. Discipline pays.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to read this post, but the letters are too small.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say that 80% of the drivers were indians?

Anonymous said...

Nice. Maybe next year we can have an 80% increase! I would love to hear of a triple digit increase though... yes. more dead bodies littering the roadways! YES!

OR! Emaratis cant be given a license if they arent college educated, other arabs cant drive for shit, so they cant be given one at all, and then deport 300,000 people at random who hail from India, Pakistan, and other west asian countries!


Anonymous said...

As with all statistics, they can be made to say pretty much anything you want, and thus mean very little. What is more interesting though is the break up of the statistics, particularly by nationality. It is so curious how nationality means so much in the UAE - i always thought globalization was to bring an end to nations!

That being as it may, the first post actual hints at what is deceptive about the break-down by nationality - as it doesn't show what percentage of drivers are from each country, the statistics don't really reflect anything of significance, except the UAE pre-occupation with national origins.

I visited Fallujah recently and was intrigued, and troubled, by the placement of wrecked cars on the different midans/roundabouts - nothing like some good 'ole object lessons, but somehow i doubt the scare tactic works here....

hemlock said...

statistics can be manipulated in any way, and like mark twain said, there are lies, and there are statistics.

pakistani drivers are responsible for 25% of the deaths simply because a single impact can have a larger number of casualties, i.e the accident on sheikh zayed road in which 20 people died. one accident, 20 deaths. as opposed to a higher number of accidents caused by others with say... 5 accidents accounting for one death each :p

how come the UAE blog sounds more of traffic update anyways? doesnt anyone see ANYTHING else?
and i dont get it, if traffic is so much of an issue, what are we all doing here anyways?

A loving bro said...

If one compares n.o of accidents / population in any emirate. RAk comes highest due to recent increase in population. The roads havent been updated in 20 years and a two lane highway where average speed in 100+ has u-turns.

U-turns are dangerous in these areas as one cannot assess the speed of incoming cars on the road which can mistime turn thus directly and indirectly causiing the accident. I lost my sister on March 2009 in the highway before Emirates road. I will soon post petition to close the u-turns in that area which has caused many accidents.


sasosafetysigns said...

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Adnan said...

I dont know why author of this article is so biased towards Pakistanies as according to Dubai Police website staistics shows that 25.62% of the drivers causing accident are Indians and they are also on the top of list while Pakistanies are responsible for 23.48% lesser than indians but greater than locals. for referance http://www.dubaipolice.gov.ae/dp/portal/public/upload_images/static_pages_images/E-Services/information%20accidents_nationality%20driver_a1201051171458.pdf

Tucson Truck Accident said...

These statistics are interesting. However, I think these factors are not exactly what is causing the accidents. What contributes to the problem the most is how responsible the drivers are on the road.

hamsher said...

Pakistani,Indians,UAE nationals makes a sum of 64.4% but who's the rest 35.4% :D

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