07 March, 2007

Bright lights, boom city?

That's the headline in todays property investment article in the UK Daily Telegraph.

More publicity for Brand Dubai.

It goes on:

A skyscraper is born every day in Dubai, but is it an investor's paradise? Don't forget the traffic problems and oversupply of houses.

It gives a reasonably balanced picture - the money to be made, the possible dangers, the infrastructure problems - so it's worth reading.

You can find it here


Anonymous said...

The dangers seem to be skirted over, and it spends time mentioning how quality is not compromised by the speed of building.

It also doesn't mention that every single project is behind schedule, that several investors have already lost money in this 'safe' market...

so not really that balanced.

Stained said...

quality not compromised...
what about the rain trouble in the emirates hills property a year back...

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