05 March, 2007

MKD Piano Album 10


Yes, I've published my latest piano album!

Come and visit and sample at:



Lirun said...


nzm said...


BuJ said...

thanks guys!

clayfuture said...

Mabrook dude!

Rejected said...

Congrats Buj :)

By the way, I've seen you a lot on NIW's blog, have you heard anything from her? I'm very worried :(

BuJ said...

thanks clayfuture :)

rejected, thank you too.
yep, NIW is a favorite blogger of mine, but she's not the most regular (I think she has to use her hubby's laptop and he doesn't let her all the time, hehe)

no but seriously, i was worried about her especially with all the crap happening in Iraq, but I hope inshalla she'll be ok. she always has her quiet moments and then comes back :)

Rejected said...

Oh Buj not sure abt her hubby's laptop. She is always keen on posting abt anything no matter how small it is that happening in Iraq and since she was missed plenty has happened. She is not even replying our emails. I know she's safe in Green zone but what scares me is the thought of her husband getting hurt.

BuJ said...

oh dear.. i hope she's allright!
such a nice person.. inshalla kheir

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