27 March, 2007

What about the day job?

Muse of her times (GN)

Nimah Nawwab was brought up in Saudi Arabia and writes her poems in English.

This little society piece is interesting for showing what motivation and effort can achieve on a personal level. Besides a busy day job and growing up in a repressive society, a working mother finds a way to blossom.
"She came across as humble, sweet-natured and, at the risk of sounding predictable, lyrical."
Why write in English?
"I grew up with English; I am bilingual. It is a global language; the language of the times. Maybe in the next few years Chinese will be the language of the times. I find there is a lot of interest in the Arab world in general so it is good to have someone from the Arab world write about it in English or (in other words) 'from the inside'."


BuJ said...

Wow.. interesting article.. but I have to say that the first thing that struck me .... the absolutely gorgeous eyes!

Anonymous said...

As if no other bilingual 1/2 something else people from this part of the world write beautiful poetry in English. I have a frikkin blog dedicated to my poetry. and have been trying to get published for ages

I wonder who she screwed? I'd be willing to give it a try.

rosh said...

ABIT pls calm down mate, you wouldnt want to "do" the guy you claim she did, would you :)

but seriously, I read a few of your poems and most of them have depth and are quite powerful - i can't believe you have such emotions/thoughts at 23?

Anonymous said...

24. Thank you. Divorce, death, and apathy tend to fuel the mind in ways anti depressants cant.

Well... you know... it being 2007... and I having a (somewhat) open mind,,, maybe... I mean, if he isnt that old...


rosh said...

lol ABIT :)

Please try and be more positive. At 21 or 23 I used to be like you , too many emotions, thoughts issues and hormones running wild with moment of rage - at 30 I've come to realize how precious the once a life time "gift" from god can be - no matter the amount of shit we may have to endure.

I pray, things are progressing well with your health. Thanks for the poems, they are powerful, from a young soul as you.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

This article was wonderful. As a Canadian Muslim writer it's nice to see other members of our ummah writing in english.

I am married so I didn't notice her eyes.

Ma'as salaama,
nuh ibn

Anonymous said...

I am married so I didn't notice her eyes.

Sure ;-) this is what you type when you wife is standing behind you, huh? (just kidding)

Paraglider said...

Instead of trying to get published, just keep trying to write better poems (ABIT). You'll find publishers still won't beat a path to your door, but at least they might start to take you seriously. Good luck with the writing. It takes time.

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