06 March, 2007

Those crazy French! :-)

This happened today. I knew the Guggenheim was coming to Abu Dhabi. And now it's official, the Louvre is coming to town:

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES — "France and the United Arab Emirates signed an agreement Tuesday [March 6, 2007] to open a branch of the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, despite criticism that the French government is peddling the country's artistic treasures." [Read More...] (via Newsvine)

I say this is good for the UAE, and for the art world.


Anonymous said...

Disneyland ?

On another note... everyone drive down Algeria Street in Mirdif tonight. Just to spite Mirdif Mike

Stop using Mirdif as a short cut!

tariq al massoud (kuwait rulez) said...

cultural vastland? y don't they have their OWN galleries etc instead of the atheists coming over here? i wonder for the people,i really do

Nicole said...

I totally agree with you. Just another piece of imported nonsense added to the list. They should display and encourage the talents of Arab artists! This is also what we foreigners would like to see in the Arab world to learn more about your culture and ancient heritage.
LoL from Germany

Veiled Muslimah said...
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Veiled Muslimah said...

I was actually looking forward to the guggeinheim museum considering the fact that it's one of a kind. But another one from france? Let's make the whole of U.A.E into an artifical world shall we...

flic said...

Don't forget, the Guggenheim is out of New York (not France!)

I put the title "Those crazy French!" on this post because if you read the article (and follow-up on some background) you'll see that some French criticize and feel the French government is "lowering themselves, or selling out" by branching out the Louvre to the UAE.

I say those French who think that are as ignorant about the concept of art as Anonymous 17:25, Tariq and Nicole are here in the comments.

Anonymous said...

The UAE does not need to "buy" the name of the Louvre to create a gallery/museum. They can easilly create and name it their own. They can just make arrangements with other museums if they want to loan works of art, or invite organisations/artists to exhibit their work in their museums.

But I think what they want is to create a museum with an instant fame.

tizmaxx! said...

and flic has thebrain capacity of a peanut!

Keefieboy said...

It'll be interesting how they deal paintings/sculptures of nudes, and religious (Christian) works...oh, and actually any figurative art. Hmmm.

flic said...

tizmaxx!- What's a "thebrain"?

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