20 March, 2007


It is very important for us to understand religion and cultures of the country we live in. The Shaikh Mohammad center for Cultural understanding has been set up to bring down barriers between people of different nationalities, and to help understand the traditions, customs and religion of the UAE.

I hope people living in United Arab Emirates atleast visit once, Open the Doors to their hearts and Open their Minds. I have come across lot of people who chose to live here for monetory reasons but in their hearts don't respect the culture and religion of UAE. Here is the chance for some of them to learn and understand...


Anonymous said...

Nice! more crap we dont need. Dont get me wrong, I am all for people learning about and respecting the culture and religion of the of the place they reside, I did it for 3 years... but how do we as Emaratis expect foreigners to do that when WE ourselves have lost touch with our culture and especially our religion?

Center's guide:

"In Islam blah blah blah..." as the prostitute crosses the road behind him.

"We are a caring culture..." as people are dying so that we can waste more money on Burj Al We Dont Need It.

Doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

It’s very normal and expected to disagree with other cultures. To the best of my knowledge, people who respect the culture and religion of this region are those who have seen good examples, not who have been told: “we are better than you, but you don’t get it”.

The worst thing ever, is to see one of those arrogant strangers who enjoy making fun of the others, thinking that they are the Perfects who have been created to judge the rest of the world. Thankfully, those are not many.

Thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, an interesting concept - teach respect of cultural differences by placing "culture" on display rather than actually practicing it! once again, we see "culture" as something to buy rather than a creative force and a moral/ethical template....

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