20 March, 2007

Drowned Iraqi teens bodies recovered

Father of five, Ali abed, faced a parent's worst nightmare this Saturday. The loss of not one,but two children.

The family was having fun in Sharjah's open beach, near Coral Beach hotel, a strictly no-swimming area, when a high wave carried 3 of his children underwater. The father managed to save the younger son in time, but his 17 and 18 year old sons were missing in the water.

Intensive rescue missions were carried out, but the harsh weather couldn't allow for much. After 2 days, the bodies of the two teenagers turned up near the beach.

Losing a loved one is never a light ordeal, my extreme condolences and prayers to the boys families, may god keep their other children well.

The area is known for its dangerous waves, and signs that it is a no-swimming zone are posted everywhere, people, for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, STAY AWAY.

Read more:

Gulf News: here and here
Khaleej Times: here


Anonymous said...

How sad…
Let me repeat what you said: “my extreme condolences and prayers to the boys families, may God keep their other children well”

samih said...

just read the same in the news - it is pretty sad how sometimes such outings can so grieviously go wrong.

May Allah give strength to the grieving family.

Lirun said...

very sad

my condolences too

Stained said...

May Allah help the family through these testing times....

Ash said...

May Allah give them the strength to pull through this tragedy. My heartfelt condolences on the terrible loss.


Joel said...

Browzing through the the trash that is Gulf News, I came across this piece of "fine" reporting by one Sunita Menon. The tripe ends with "The boys were studying in a private school in Sharjah and according to a school spokesperson they were well-behaved children."

My question is, how the fu*k is this relevant? They were young innocent boys, period. Even if they were mischeivious, what boy isn't? Geez! I suggest both Sunita Menon and Bassma Al Jandaly go back to journo school. Retards! I hope you're both reading this.

RIP, boys. My prayers are with you and those you left behind.

Lirun said...

in a human interest piece rather than strict news often you add in ancillary information to pad out the story and give it more depth..

if the story was about dangerous waves and rips then it would be totally off cue.. but i wouldnt get to angry at the journo..

they're just trying to make it readible..

thats my guess..

Emirati said...

What a retarted father they have.

Gulf News said...

Mr. Joel, we actually do read this blog; with much interest, I hasten to add. However, your personal remarks and the cheap shots you just threw left, right and centre were completely uncalled for.

When we mention a bit about the deceased (their schooling and behaviour in this case), we are actually giving them a persona and avoiding them from turning into just another statistic.

If you had been to journalism school, you would know it to be the first thing they teach there. Every Tom, Dick and Lirun would know that.

In the future, if you wish to pass remarks like these, I suggest you come down to our office and we can have a one on one. How's that sound, chief?

Ain't got the balls for it, have you?

(That last line is supposed to be the tiny print, folks.)

Anonymous said...


jacked said...

gulf news, i'm inclined to say you got jacked, bitch (a la stewie griffin) but i'm just gonna say, you got jacked! :D

gulf news said...

Please watch your mouth, Mr. Jacked. Or we'll be forced to report you to the authorities.

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