16 March, 2007

Interesting Article - Gulf news

Captured POWs were shot dead for 'daring to drink water'
This interesting article was published in Gulf News, It made me ask few questions to myself ....How can man become so sick ? Why only blame muslims all the time? Who will answers for these crimes?and should we judge all the jews for crimes committed by some of them, just like they blame muslims?
Does anyone has a answer to my questions? I think not.......Anyways
I hope humans stop commiting crimes like these, no matter what religion or race they are from..it only leads to hatred ...
As the law says “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.
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BuJ said...

Firstly kudos to GN and to Fahad for publishing this.

Secondly, I am not surprised by these actions from Israel, they have done worse on the hands of their Israeli Defence Forces. Obviously every nation has the right to defend itself, but Israel takes it further.. much further than that.

Thirdly, there is an element of our fault at this too. If we weren't weak enough to allow such a young and small country to humiliate us this wouldn't have happened. We need to clean up the mess in our own back yards before expecting any kind of victory elsewhere.

Puts things in perspective eh?

Yusuf said...

The story has been shown to be fabrication. The 250 were killed in battle, not after they had been captured.

It's not exactly uncommon to invent anti-semitic slurs, is it?

Of course, the relentless moslem inferiority comlex requires that the Jews be an ultra-evil race of demons, because the idea that you are so easily and so frequently vanquished by a small group of regular human beings reveals a lot of unpleasant truths about yourselves.

I really hope the moslems of the world reach a point of intellectual development where they don't have to keep making up stuff like this. I doubt they will, though.

Anonymous said...

"just like they blame muslims"

Anonymous said...

Yusuf, will you please enlighten us and explain the meaning of Israel's flag?

Anonymous said...

Israeli flag if it sounds better...

Fahad said...

Egyptians were recently enraged by a documentary film aired on Israeli TV claiming that Benjamin Ben Eliezer had ordered the killing of 250 Egyptian prisoners of war (PoWs) in the 1967 War

i think yousaf forgot to notice something ..its was aired on isreali tv ....... here you can clearly notice who has a inferiority complex problem and who always is in self denial(israel).... i posted this article in good faith, to highlight a point that people should hold first themselves accountable and thn blame everyone else...and also to highlight that humans should stop doing it.... any religion or or race

yousuf please read the posts carefully next time, muslims arent the ones highlighting this issue ...and if it was fabricated then it was done by isrealis themselves ..maybe to flare up muslims... in the end they need to find a reason ..to attack first have fun

BuJ said...

ah, thanks for that Yusuf.. I forgot.. Israel is a peace-loving nation and all the countries around it have invaded bits of Israel while poor helpless israelis watch...

Ahh.. I think my eyes are starting to water.. perhaps you can give us some facts to justify your words. Plus, Fahad quoted from Gulf News not "wallah my uncle said so and so.."

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