31 March, 2007

What Happens When Women are Less than 30% of the Population

While men in the UAE certainly have no premium on being imbeciles compared to other countries, there does seem to be something in the water, or perhaps the sand/dust, that brings out the best in male sexual stupidity. The following are a few examples from personal ads on expatriates.com:

1) Why a Second Wife?!
Category: Men Seeking Women
Region: Dubai (DUBAI)
Description: OK ladies, I know many of you will start wandering, why this guy is looking for a second wife. Simply, it is the same reason why I had the first one. most of the men over 40, or men who have been married for more than 15y, they will start looking for another woman, so the first wife should accept one of the following:
a. the husband will leave her and look for free live alone.
b. the husband will cheat her and have a girlfriend/s.
c. or he will get married and divide his time between the two wives.
I believe if the first wife is smart, she will accept plan C, do you agree? To have 1/2 happy husband is much better than have 0 or almost 0.
If you agree with me, and you are between 29-33y, nice looking, Arabic, Muslim. please drop me a line.

I don't think this one even deserves comment! Nice attempt at constructing a logical argument - if only he could construct a proper sentence it might help his case. Ok, ladies, the burning question is: is a 1/2 happy husband better than no husband???


Oh and he reciprocates – now there is something special for you ladies!

3) houseboy aviliabe for free cleaining
Category: Other
Region: Dubai (dubai)
Description: hello i m male 30 y old well educated but i love my fantasy
so i offer a free house cleaining for apartment or rooms
just for lady or housewifes please if you interstad contact with me for detail
hope to hear from you soon

Free house cleaning! Now there is a deal you can’t turn down! To fantasize about cleaning apartments for free – this guy definitely needs to visit literotica to work on his fantasies!

4) Furnished Room for a beautyful lady for FREE!!!
Category: Rooms Available
Region: Dubai (DUBAI)
Description Hi, if u r a broadminded sexy girl, I offer you a furnished room in my apartment for FREE! in exchange of a relationship that is no need to explain. I'm 32, male, a working professional staying alone. So rush your mail with your details and contact number and start a good earning each month. You will also get 24 hours broadband internet connection FREE. So act wisely and early in order to avoid disappointment. Sending your photo will have its affect!!!

Hey, what a deal – free broadband internet connection! How can you turn that one down!

5) free/month-free room in exchange of little fun for both
Category: Rooms Available
Region: Dubai
Description: i have appartment in dubai two bed room. if any girl want to share and have fun time with me contact me.i am good lover.your stay will be free. my company is paying for appartment.

Not only do you get a free apartment, but hey, he’s a “good lover”! A two-in-one deal! Too bad he doesn’t offer free internet too!


Anonymous said...

No sure which is more scary, the fact that you found yourself on that/those sites, or the fact that you have so much free time that you found the need top post this.

I am frightened for my very life and all the man made fibers of my being!

Shiva said...

I eagerly wait for the day when rich and successful single women start placing ads like these looking for 'good lovers' like... ahem...ME!

B.D. said...

You have to give the first guy credit for his frankness, and one more credit if he lets his wife take out the same kind of ad. I'm sure after 15 years she could use a change too. One and half wife is better than just one, right?

Al Sinjab said...

Blessing in Tragedy - I know what's scarier: getting your kicks by trash talking bloggers. Lighten up.

Ibn, I enjoyed the laugh! I will be sure to "act wisely and early" to avoid disappointment!

Kiwi Boy said...

Shit. Why don't they ever look for men?! Such pigs these straight men are, I tell ya.

This whole ad business reminds me of a bunch of ads from an Israeli ad site.. dunno if they're true, but they're funny:

"I am a sensitive Jewish prince whom you can open your heart to. Share your innermost thoughts and deepest secrets. Confide in me, I'll understand your insecurities. No fatties, please."
"Jewish businessman, 49, manufactures Sabbath candles, Chanukah candles, Havdalah candles, Yahrzeit candles. Seeks non-smoker."

Thanks for the laughs!

Sheikha M. said...

Men....Can't live with them and not allowed to kill them...what's a single woman to do?

How come men freak out about women having "multiple" guys? It's perfectly acceptable for men...why not for women?

It's a conspiracy, has to be! LOL!

e v i l said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jummy bear said...

my word!
i'll glad to see some humor here (finally!!)

@Ibn Battuta:great post :)

@Sheikha M.: Men....Can't live with them and not allowed to kill them...what's a single woman to do? --- Get free broadband connection ofcourse!!!

Assistant Editor said...

Actually the first guy explains the situation as it is in majority of the cases. Unfortunately I was always convinced that women could do fine by them self's and the media keeps telling me that women are more likely to flourish without men, while guys struggle. Recent study in US says that now a days 51% of the American women are single.

Anonymous said...

This site is old news and it caters to all expats in any countries, the site as well helps in giving job offers, real estate and other services for expat, and as well sex ads, escort service for all women, men bisexuals and homosexuals, it helps them to get in contact with each other, its also available in all Asian, Arab Muslim nations. The point is why the governments don't close these websites like they do to sex sites in the Arab world!!!!

Anonymous said...

And even scarier than that is me carving your face with a week old razor blade. rust is a bitch.

fake balushi said...

The Guys who Place such adds are Either Arabs or Indians With Bar-Be-Que Shapped Boddies

And a Seal like Moustache.

Dont ask me how i know, i just know.

Who else would place adds like these?

If it was in Europe, everybody would knew its a Turkish!

Now what arre the odds of that NOT happening!

who's bad?

samuraisam said...

"And even scarier than that is me carving your face with a week old razor blade. rust is a bitch."

No more comments like that please.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Sad. Desperate people.

What Muslim Women need to learn and do is put in their marriage contract that their permission is needed for a second wife. Then it can also be enforcable by law. It's a right given by Islam. Sadly - a lot of Women are ignorant about it.

Alisha said...

thanks for that sam, ABIT's comments speak of some very repressed emotions..get a hobby dude

ArabLady said...

well i'd drope for the first guy a bomb not a line..for God's sake where are their fu**ing wives....mem in this country are damn weirddddddddddddddd!!

Sheikha M. said...

OK Jummy Bear, but can I have ALL the good channels?

Interesting what Veiled Muslimah said...I had no idea about this, so if a woman writes it into the marriage contract she will not agree to other wives, that's it hallas, she can have it enforced.

Anonymous said...

Ok ok. not a fan of the truth. no more comments like those.

And I have many hobbies...

A woman cant put that in her marriage contract. she can include a clause that states that she isnt ok with her husband to be having another wife. but not that he needs her permission since his "God given right" needs no one's permission.

Of course, a guy who wants a second wife for no real reason (as the above example) wouldnt really care. he would (I suspect) in a heart beat marry the younger tart.

All the clause does is give the 1st wife the right to divorce (because a woman is Islam ccan only ask for a divorce if there is "just cause") if that happens. she has NO say at all in her husband taking another wife.

and before you ask, my source is one of my cousins who is a family lawyer.

So basically the 1st wife's choices are accept it, or get her divorce, in which case (in this culture) her future isnt that bright.

Veiled Muslimah said...

Hmm from what i was taught in my Islamic fiqh classes that if a Woman puts it down in the marriage contract that she refuses a co-wife, then it dissolves his god given right because he's agreeing to it when he's signing the contract. And if he does marry again - she can get her wishes enforced by law and she has the power to do what she thinks is best. Including making him divorce the second wife.

Allah subhanna wa ta'ala knows best.

Why do i feel we're saying the same thing but differently?

Anyway check this out: http://www.islam-qa.com/index.php?ref=5983&ln=eng

And Inshallah i'll look more into it. Maybe i could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

You couldnt be wrong, you are wrong.

So a few words are mightier than God's? think about it. does that make sense?

NO CONTRACT in a muslim country can give the 1st wife dominion over the husband's choices with the 2nd.

a woman DOES NOT have the right to ask for a divorce in Islam except for certain circumstances. the man takiing a second wife is not one of them. fact.

she has the right to include (in advance) that she is not ok with a 2nd wife. fact.

if the dumbass husband (knowing this) goes ahead with the 2nd wife, the 1st has a right to enforce her clause, which is a divorce. (a right she would otherwise not have)

no wives have any say at all about any others. I have no idea how/when/where you learned what you posted, but if you are in Abu Dhabi you can actually go down to the sharia courts and there is a lawyer there from open till close and his job is answering questions like these for free. Dont know about Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Islam gave the first wife the right to refuse the marriage and ask for her husband for a divorce, and if she insists , the man must give her all her rights and grant her the divorce, even if she didn't write it in her mariage contract.

babu said...

Psst...ABIT, how many you got, man?

Anonymous said...

None. I was married for 2 years and our differences were too large for her. she was an amazing woman and I still talk to her once or twice every month. she was an American. inter cultural marriage was what brought me into being, but it wasnt what worked for us.

For now I am working on myself. my career is going well, I have some personal issues (Lemon Lady here knows about) and I am continuing my education.

But I have NO plans on ever having more than one. I have enough worry in my life. there is ONE reason that I would ever have a second wife... a promise I made when I was 17. I'm big on promises.

How many do you have?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Actually, Islam gave the first wife the right to refuse the marriage and ask for her husband for a divorce, and if she insists , the man must give her all her rights and grant her the divorce, even if she didn't write it in her mariage contract.

Where do you guys get your information. this exact topic was addressed on "Rehla" in Ramadan. a western woman who married a Saudi guy was in the same situation and her choices were stay married (for her kids really) or... NOTHING since the man didnt want a divorce. It was one of the later episodes in the month... last 10 days maybe. on MBC 1.

Whitney_blog said...

I plan to move to dubai after college. I'm almost worried to now if the population is mostly guys.
I'm not even looking for a guy.

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