22 November, 2006

Abu Dhabi - Poising to Steal the Light

Expatriates living in Abu Dhabi might be provided with free primary education, according to a senior government official quoted in Gulf News. Khaldoun Bin Mubarak, chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Affairs Authority, told delegates at a leadership summit that the government is seriously considering the introduction of a free public education system for non-UAE nationals.(ameinfo.com)

So cheap fuel, a 7% rent cap and serious thought to free education. I see signs of healthy competition round the corner.


MN said...

I LOVE AD! Much nicer than Dubai as it has a very friendly feel and after awhile, you know most of the people.

My friend was having an issue with her landlord messing around with her rent to an excessive amount. The day the news was out that HH Sh. Mohammed bin Zayed said the 7% rent cap went into effect, she called him up and he was docile as a lamb and she got what she wanted.

Things get done here.

Anonymous said...

Al Sidra Media, the publishers of 7DAYS, last night confirmed that the services of a journalist had been terminated as the result of an article which appeared in the newspaper on Sunday, and which caused offence among the local UAE population.

from -> http://tinyurl.com/uu9q9

Anonymous said...

7days was very, very close to being closed down.

I wonder if the only thing that saved it was the fact it is now part owned by a powerful European media corp?

Anonymous said...

Abu Dhabi does seem to be getting its act together. Perhaps it looked over at Dubai, noted the problems it had encountered and learned.

The Guggenheim, the development not going utterly crazy, the rent cap, sorting out the taxis...it seems they listen.

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