21 November, 2006

And then what?

The chart below is a graphical representation of the official death toll in Iraq. It is hard to find a positive perspective given the available data, and with obvious increasing trend of violence, there won’t be any reason to be positive in the foreseeable future.

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Kiwi Boy said...

I'm sorry, but the graph doesn't mention what's being plotted on either of the 2 axes, so it's a bit confusing to decipher it. Is it casualties against the months of the year?

Hesham said...

The chart posted here is croped in order to keep this page light. The one posted at my blog is the complete one, and hopeuly a little easier to understand.

Red is used or Civilian
yellow/Orange or Military

and the the time line is of course months...

Anonymous said...

So why not scale it instead of cropping? That way you could keep it smaller but still show everything.

Anonymous said...

a bunch of retards. why don't you spare us the "smart" ideas and actually make a comment that is related to the post.

Very interesting post, where did you get these statistics from? they are shocking numbers. Soon they will run out of Iraqi's to kill. D

Anonymous said...

"Retards"? Seems to me they just wanted stuff that we can read on this site?

Why not call the poster a retard for saying that they cropped the picture in order to keep it small when they should have resized it instead?

And the comments are related to the post since they have to do with the picture in the post, right?

Hesham said...

anony 1:

Just click the graph and you will get what you want. Plus, I made sure that the facts remained in the body of the post anyway, which obvisously haven't read..

Here is my soucre:

A for the retard, I dont beilieve they are ratrds, just little children waiting to grow up..

Anonymous said...

hahahaha Hesham..."just little children waiting to grow up" True.
The post clearly shows the link to the full article.

Anonymous said...

Much better pic!

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