04 November, 2006

UAE tops boycott list

Based on the material compiled by the Commerce Department, it appears that at least seven Arab countries, including ostensible US allies such as Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Iraq, are enforcing the terms of the Arab boycott more energetically this year than in 2005.

At the top of the list is the UAE, which made 40 boycott-related requests during the period of January to June, followed by Syria, with 20.
This report runs contrary to this recent posting here.


Lirun said...

ok so no guesses why this interests me.. :D

how does this work? is there a department that manages boycott affairs? is it just a commercial/compliance officer in a larger department?

if anyone has more inside knowledge i would love to know..

DG said...

I think there is a government department which makes sure that the boycott of Israeli origin goods is implemented. There used to be a dedicated counter in Dubai Cargo Village, I am not sure if they still have it there since I have not visited the place for almost 2 years now.

blogrosh said...

Hmmmm interesting - can we have a list of countries who boycott the largest number, by taking trade with all nations worldwide? and since we are at it, perhaps also include nations who forcefully urge other nations to boycott as well.

I don't think the UAE is going to top that list, perhaps the US might?

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