05 November, 2006


Is it just me, or in the past two days, have I seen more people being pulled over by the police than normally what I would see in an entire month?


BD said...

I got a parking ticket in Abu Dhabi a few days ago. That was a first in 6 years! I was parked along a yellow-lined curb and in the bank just 10 or 15 minutes. Today, I saw the cops parked in the very same place while using the cash machine!

In Abu Dhabi, people park in the middle of the street--they literally straddle the line--and never get tickets. I only recently started driving with Dubai plates, so I have concluded that's why I got the ticket.

BuJ said...

Yep, it's coz Sheikh Mo has issued strict orders last week to tighten up the situation on the roads. Dubai Police aims to take the death rates to the lowest in the world. At the moment it's 19.5 deaths per 100,000.

It was all over Gulf News just a few days ago..

marwan said...

It's criminal that the police won't do their jobs unless specifically in danger of being dropkicked by Shk Mo.

This despite the deaths of so many, local and expat alike.

trailingspouse said...

It's criminal that the police won't do their jobs unless specifically in danger of being dropkicked by Shk Mo.

I suspect that this is at least partly due to the widely held public perception that the law is not enforced equally in the UAE. I think it certainly applies to the lower level of law enforcement ie privately employed security guards, so why not the police too? A guard in a mall will happily turn away a peaceful, cleanly dressed labourer, but would probably turn a blind eye to a rowdy local or even western teenager for fear of getting into trouble himself. It's because they (the security guards) don't feel they have the power (ie the support from their superiors) to enforce the rules. I suspect the police suffer from the same problem and only now that the "Big Boss" has stepped in do they feel they have the support they need.

CG said...

They heard i was back in town and were looking for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Seabee said...

No, it's not just you Sam, it really is happening.
I did a posting on it the other day - it's because The Big Boss told them to get it sorted out now, and that "any delay or slackness in implementing the directives would be considered negligence and will not be tolerated." He also warned them that he would be personally watching the traffic situation until it is resolved.

You can imagine what he actually said and the tone of voice, he obviously terrified them into action.

Every day since then the papers have been reporting stuff that's happening - which should have happened all along of course.

trailingspouse, he also told them that everyone is to be treated the same, but I'm not holding my breath on that order being carried out.

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem on the roads is not speeding, it is poor lane discipline. Driving home on SZR last night we have a 20 year old Nissan Sunny with no lights working in the third fastest lane, a Toyota pick-up in the second fastest lane and a Pajero in the fast lane with driver on the phone all doing less than 100kph, the inside 2 lanes were all completely clear. In the UK passing on the inside lanes is very taboo but these idiots offer no choice!! Then of course there's the blacked out zooped up thing with AD number plate who has no qualms about weaving in and out of the traffic at 140....

Anonymous said...

Just out of interest...What does Shk Mo 'achieve' on a day to day basis with his many edicts?

Is it the 15% rent cap he personally oversaw? Or is it the 'freedom of the press' that he keeps telling us he wants? Perhaps its the shake up in his ministry's that he ordered?

I wouldn't hold your breath that it will make a long term difference.

poo said...


What Dubai needs is a police force like this. And all of your problems will go away!

poo said...


What Dubai needs is a police force like this. And all of your problems will go away!

i, Bobo said...


I haven't noticed it, but hooray for the Big Guy if they've started pulling people over.

Physical traffic enforcement always works better that "virtual" traffic enforcement -- it's a hassle to get pulled over, it takes time out of your day, and it's embarrassing as well.

One warning, though -- we're all in for serious trouble if the municipality begins to issue the highway cops "mirrored sunglasses" and "Smokey the Bear" hats...

Anonymous said...

havent u seen the advertisement on today's newspapers? They will actually put the offenders cars plate numbers every week in the newspaper

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