05 November, 2006

Lets go IPO fishing

Well often have I heard people referring to Dubai Stock market as fish market. One of the guys from a reputed ad agency went to the extent of convincing me that ofcourse it is known as fish market and Emmar was once referred as Hamour. But being aware of the professionalism that Dubai extends to its departments I though this would change. I mean the stock exchange won't turn into a money minting institution itself and would play the role of a true 'Stock Exchange' , focusing on its regulatory status. But then again I think the government is busy buying real estate around the world they don't want to play their role on their own. Therefore came the DFM IPO. I was shocked when I read the KT headline 'DFM unveils trendsetting Dh1.6b IPO'.

First they made people loose money by trading in a unregulated volatile market hyped on the name of the city it exists in and now they want to thrash out savings on the name of nearly failed institution itself. With Dubai rising as a very expensive city and loosing it business edge what is gone make DFM work. I don't know. Any sucessful investors I ever met in UAE were the ones who traded in IPOs in case of DFM I am not even sure of that.Here is some interesting food for thought on UAE stock markets from 'Your Say' section in GN.


poo said...

[...] In addition, there will be an 'offering cost' of AED 0.03 per share, which will be used to cover all costs and expenses incurred on the IPO. [...] from here

So next want to pass the cost of Mr.Kazims' laundry to the investors along with the Flotation Cost ?

poo said...

Please delete this post

bizzwiz wanan come over to

port 7000


bizzwhizz said...

ha ha yea true

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