07 November, 2006

Click for Freedom: Reporters Without Borders organises internet freedom demo

If you care for the freedom of people to express their thoughts on the internet, this news is of use.

Peter Griffin of Caferati, a writers group having more than 2,000 members worldwide and a Dubai chapter too, posted me in on it today.

Reporters Without Borders has organised an international cyber demo to support freedom of speech on the internet.

All you have to do to support their campaign against internet censorship is to visit the Reporters Without Borders website (www.rsf.org) between 2 pm on Tuesday, 7 November, and 2 pm on Wednesday, 8 November.

They have also launched the Arabic version of their website coinciding with this campaign today.

Once you are there, you could also vote for the campaign on a live world map.

What does this have to do with the UAE Community blog, you might think? It concerns all citizens of the world, I would say. And I am sure the owner of this blog, Secret Dubai will agree.

According to their website: "Each click will help to change the “Internet Black Holes” map and help to combat censorship. As many people as possible must participate so that this operation can be a success and have an impact on those governments that try to seal off what is meant to be a space where people can express themselves freely."

Read more about it here:
Reporters without borders organises 24-hour online demo against Internet censorship

Copywriter & Journalist in the UAE

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FreshDubai said...

Thanks for the link, I voted for Saudi Arabia since I used to live there plus I feel it's most relevant to us here in the UAE. Btw, great news to see that the UAE has climbed from 90 to 77 on the Press Freedom Index this year. The situation seems to be improving, I'm very optimistic for this year.

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Yes, and it's liberating for us writers in the UAE too. I have been writing for more than 4 years now and have never faced censorship so far. Things are getting better.

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