16 November, 2006

Loreal E-Strat Challenge

Loreal e-strat challenge is the world’s biggest online business simulation. Six challenges have been done up till now since it started and it has brought together 132,000 students representing 125 countries. So how does it actually work?A group of three will play as a team in this simulation challenge. The team will manage a portfolio of beauty brands and will compete with another 4 virtual teams. There are in total six rounds that will be played. Details here.

A look at the 6th challanges' winner shows that none were from U.A.E. We've got enough talent around here so lets come together and make our mark. Deadline to register is 28th Nov. bwD is trying to facilitate team making, so aspiring participants are welcome to sign up.


pRoUd said...

Is it limited to undergraduate students and MBA students???

bizzwhizz said...

both can participate

pRoUd said...

thanks bizz whizz...pitty I'm neither! recent graduate--out of the system!!!

bizzwhizz said...

me too :(

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