09 November, 2006

Rape victim to receive 90 lashes in KSA

Gulf Times:
RIYADH: A Saudi court has sentenced a gang rape victim to 90 lashes of the whip because she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married.

The sentence was passed at the end of a trial in which the Al Qateef high criminal court convicted four Saudis convicted of the rape, sentencing them to prison terms and a total of 2,230 lashes.

The four, all married, were sentenced respectively to five years and 1,000 lashes, four years and 800 lashes, four years and 350 lashes, and one year and 80 lashes.

A fifth, married, man who was stated to have filmed the rape on his mobile phone still faces investigation.

Two others alleged to have taken part in the rape evaded capture.

I figure the rapists thought the victim would not turn them in since "she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married."


Anonymous said...

errrr whats there in it for the uaecommunity -

Anonymous said...

errrr the whips are PROUDLY MADE IN THE UAE.

poo said...

errrr whats there in it for the uaecommunity

Saudi Arabia actually punishes rapists? Unlike a certain country where citizens get a slap on the hand at worst.

blogrosh said...

this is plain crazy & stupid! so an married lady who is in the car with another man, whom she erroneously assumed to be a gentleman rapes & torments this woman with his friends will be "lashed" 90 bloody freaking times!!! Hasn't she been thru the most tormentful phase of her life already?

What sort of justice do the brainless buffoons have in KSA? Do these clowns think - she WANTED to be raped and then report the crime to be lashed 90 times???? - christ!!

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

She should not have been in a car with ANY man or men other than her father, brothers, or uncles.

I stand behind her punishment 100%

the rapists however should be killed. Plain and simple.

Cut their shlongs off and then shoot them. Hell, you could sell tickets and popcorn.

ali said...

that is JUST insane!!
i feel sorry for that girl because it wasnt her fault at all - was she forced in the car??

kill the rapists - seems logical!

Anonymous said...

just another example of how badly women are treated in saudi. it'll never change. poor girl

Jess said...

What the hell? You get raped, you get punished for that too? Not like she offered herself to them! Geez.

Do the women also get lashed if they get robbed by an unknown man too?

and "a blessing in tragedy" , dude. She should not have been in a car with any man, yes, but what if she ended up there *against her will* because the assholes pulled her in? How should she have got out of the car? Beamed out? Get read!


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