13 November, 2006

Sensible Driving

Drive sensibly everyone must. Aida Al Busaidy, EMirtates
Today's news reporter has much to say on this topic in her column on 10 Nov 06. Lots of good sensible stuff, but what beats me is this stinger at the end of the article..
"The police force is obviously outnumbered by the congested places where people try to cut through traffic and I think that they need a little bit of help.

So I’ve resorted to carrying a camera and snapping anyone who darts through traffic just so they can get to their destination faster. At the rate I’m going I’ll have a folder full of offenders in less than three days."

I wonder how much of safe and sensible driving practice it is when you carry a camera and start taking pictures while letting the car/truck/suv drive by itself?



A Blessing in Tragedy said...


secretdubai said...

Words cannot express how much I loathe this woman.

For the first time in five years here, I am now on the side of the dangerous drivers.

poo said...

"The police force is obviously outnumbered by the congested places where people try to cut through traffic and I think that they need a little bit of help.

Cameras ?


I kinda agree with your sentiment. While I was there, people made fun of me for driving right. Apparently the size of the drivers penis is inversely proportional to how responsibly a person drives in .a

samuraisam said...

to me the best part is when she suggest everyone just moans and hasn't suggested anything; her exact words were...
"However, I can’t help but notice that as much as people talk about traffic, no one actually recommends anything to solve the problem."

But hey! don't criticize Busaidy, otherwise people will log onto your blog at 2 AM and write comments like..
"OOooh, you stupid fuck faces ..... ungrateful sons of whores and bastards.
get the FUCK out of the UAE and stop insulting Emiratis who are making it.
you think if you lived in your fucked up countries, that you would ever have the privileges like you do here?

3 points if you can guess who wrote that comment (last one on the linked page)...

Anonymous said...

I am emarati and I dont like her either.

Prometheus said...

Hey, snapping pics while driving is no problem for six-armed mutant trolls. The rest of us are sadly, underequipped for such an enterprise.

Shiva said...
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Anonymous said...

The story on the front page of ET today is more frightening.

Shk Mo has really lost the plot. I'm sure he has no idea how to solve the many issues facing him due to Dubai's overambitious growth and is just adopting a scattergun approach.

Shiva said...

Well.. what I wrote about this had nothing to do with the Aida's nationality. I was just amazed how some one who is so..so..so..so appalled by the bad driving ways of most people can resort to the endearing habit of clicking away to build up a thick portfolio of photographs erring drivers and still be a model driver?! Truly an ex(c)eptional way to resolve the problem!

borat said...

i am borat!why u no show my movie in UA of E?

ms p koutramanis said...

who is worse?aida bousaidy or debbie menon? i would like 2 know!!

truedebbie menon said...

Hmmmmm..I think bousaidy is better
she's only protesting dangerous driving on Dubai roads....but this
debbie menon's anti-war and anti-US/Israel rants are too threatening!

"There is no way to explain, understand or argue against foolishness with fools"...

another un from the keyboard of -Debbie Menon- (yes, the real one).

Anonymous said...

i'm not a supporter of Al Busaidy but at least I give her the benefit of the doubt.

and for all the people Emiratis or not who hate her - why do you hate her? did she hurt you in anyway.

that's besides the point i think it's funny how you all could comment on this topic by pre-judging the situation. pick up the morning paper - EMIRATES TODAY (November 23rd) on page 3 ... entitled


"Volunteers sought to catch errant drivers by taking pictures of their offences on their mobile phones"

I'm guessing Aida's column was on the right track and the rest of you are just simply - hmmm, what's the word? HATERS.

Next time you'll hold back on your silly comments. At least the Government supports her

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