09 November, 2006

Al Habtoor Interiors and Index 2006 together to encourage local young talent and Reward Design excellence

Ameinfo.com had a press release on the collaboration of Al-Habtoor Interiors and Index 2006 on support of Local Young Talent. Well do not be demotivated by the 'Local' part. It was open to university students from around UAE. AHI supported and made possible the 'AHI Young Designer's Award', the winners receiving a prize of Dhs. 10,000 and the unique privilege of having their model built and exhibited at Index.
I find it very encouraging and a true step towards industry academia tie up. Such are very essential for a health sustainable talent development. It even adds a new dimension, usually during internships students gets exposure to a single company's environment, but with such collaborations in an international exhibition the exposure is of multitudes.
If anyone saw the stalls, participated or knew any of the participants please do share your thoughts to better educate the rest of us.

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Anonymous said...

plz check out the link... somethinking is wrong with it..........you cant go back to uae community....

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