09 November, 2006

Soliciting the underaged

Gulf News:
Dubai: The trial of a policeman who reportedly met a 12-year-old girl on the internet before asking her out and molesting her in his car started yesterday.

The Public Prosecution charged the 27-year-old Omani suspect, H.H., with molesting the 12-year-old UAE national victim, M.B., after she agreed to go out with him in his car.
What would happen if he had diplomatic immunity?


Hesham said...

Can we say someone has a pre-occupation with sex and all things related to it?

Anonymous said...


Harsha said...

I was waiting for someone to post this up here.

What parents of a 12 year old let her go out at 11 pm with a stranger. Mind you..she agreed to go with him in his car.

oryx said...

"Can we say someone has a pre-occupation with sex and all things related to it?"

A preacher engaged in homosexuality is far more quote: newsworthy :end quote.

pEtals said...

She is only 12 Harsha, have u seen the recent 12 years old?? They are not as innocent as they might seem, but still, he was old enough and I am sure he had his own ways to trick this young girl...

I pray that justice is done and punishment is staged IN PUBLIC to stop such nonsense... :-(

Sex and Dubai said...

Both of us have been repeatedly harrassed by policemen here. As a 12 year old we can see how men in uniform might appear intimidating, resulting in compliance.

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