15 November, 2006

Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre

Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre invite you to attend a talk at their premises in Um Suqeim1.

Date - Thursday 16 November 06
Title - Islam's Cure for Procrastination
Venue - Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre
Time - 8.00pm

For Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre (JILC)
Tel & Fax : 04 394 94 61
Mail: sara_ina@yahoo.com
SMS: 050 6326937


Anonymous said...

Don't be late!

If you are on time, you are cured!

Anonymous said...

This is interesting.. would like to know more about the center.. do they have a website?

Mohammed UK said...

Anon. Your response was pretty fast, so I don't think you need to attend!

Hey twinzzzzzzzzz,

They don't have a site. That's why I am posting these on their behalf. They have a mailing list, through which I receive these messages.

JILC can be contacted as shown. The details are published with permission.

Perhaps it is easier to give them a call and/or pay them a visit. Enough procrastination! Go for it!!

I am in Al Ain, so haven't had the chance to visit them yet. Well, that's my excuse...

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