14 November, 2006

Throw away your IP Phones!

Your favorite No. 1 Khaleej Times has reported that
"The ban on the use of Internet telephony or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will continue in the UAE, said Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansour, Minister for Government Sector Development."
Now this is great cause for all of us to rejoice because we all know that using the internet to place long distance phone calls will make you lazy and addicted to phone-chats. The affordability and the ease with which you can call your friends and family abroad will only go towards turning you into a slave of this modern evil - Telephone. Besides what are you gonna do with all the money you save? Spend it on fuel to run your car on these dangerous roads? HA! You are better off broke and at home... safe and sound.


Brn said...

Emirates Today has this same story with more details, including:

"'Both du and etisalat will be badly affected by the introduction of this service here,' said Mansouri", which seems to confirm the belief that this is being done not to protect consumers but to protect the companies profits.

"This is a decision that has to be decided by them, the government and the users." I think that I speak for all the users when I say "No need to wait for us, we are ready now, thanks."

We also get to look forward to the ending of free land line calls withing the UAE, just as soon as "[Etisalat and du] come to us with a convincing argument that we need to do that".

Hesham said...

I think all of these policies coud change overnight with some little 'external' pressure... so lets not get hung up it on for too long...

Shiva said...

External or any kind of pressure will fail when compliance with the said pressure leads to loss of profits :)

BD said...

I'm pretty much for unfettered free markets, and I'm definitly against companies unfairly enriching themselves at others' expense. But I hate sitting in Internet cafes when half the people are shouting loudly into their head pieces. I miss the good ole' days when one could surf the net in public, in peace. It also tugs at the purist in me when I see people only using the internet for making phone calls. Doesn't it have a whole lot more value than that?

Shiva said...

yes there is :P Free porn LOL, sorry just kidding..

poo said...


Them people were shouting in to head pieces because shouting in to phones at home was kinda expensive.

My take on your predicament... use the interweb at home, get ear plugs or stop being an economic-bigot.

Hopefully I offended you enough to email me at fox_qgpiqy@trashmail.net

John B. Chilton said...

Here's what other bloggers are saying about voip in the uae.


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