14 November, 2006

Posting Guidelines

In an effort to make the posts on this blog a bit more streamlined, I have come up with the following guidelines. If anyone is unsure of how to implement anything I’ve suggested please feel free to contact me on sam (at) samurai-sam.com.

Posting Guidelines
  • Please do not make posts entirely in bold/italics/underline

  • Please do not make posts in another color (using color/styling to highlight is ok)

  • Please attribute all quotes made by either linking or mentioning which publication/website they came from; please place them within blockquote tags, and please make them in italics.

  • Please do not directly embed videos or flash players (the reason is it slows down a lot of people’s computers), linking is of course absolutely fine; provided the video is highly interesting, an admin can adjust the post to embed the video, but having 8 videos on the screen at a time can be difficult.

  • Please make an effort to cut down quoted articles to a bare minimum

  • Please only use images if they’re actually showing something, and just not for decoration; also please keep images under 450 pixels wide.

  • If you have adjusted the align value of text, please ensure you close your post with a /font tag so it doesn’t affect other posts on the webpage

  • If you have linked to a large file, or in particular a PDF file it is considered courteous to place a small warning and preferably a file size.

  • Please try to keep language to a G-rating on posts here.

If posts are made outside these guidelines they will be edited by an admin.

The last thing wanted from these guidelines is to dissuade people from posting items of interest; but hopefully everyone can work together and make sure we can keep the community blog an interesting site for people to visit.

If anyone has any suggestions or criticism, please feel free to post in the commenting section.


Emirates Mac said...

Makes sense. A big thank you to the admins who try to keep this place organized and running smoothly.

i, Bobo said...

Will do with future posts.

Really impressed with the construction worker photos, BTW.

Mubarak said...

Do I need to be a member to post???????/

secretdubai said...

Do I need to be a member to post???????/

Yes you do - it's the way Blogger works - but you can just drop me an email at [my username here] at gmail, and I will send you an invite.

If for some reason you really don't want to join, you can email me or another member something to post on your behalf, but it would be better if this didn't become regular, as a lot of us are quite busy with other blog stuff.

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