09 November, 2006

Campa Cabanah

This news item just missed my Democracy 2.0 post but it’s newsworthy never the less. For those not familiar with the issue, a documentary featuring this ‘Jesus Camp’ hit the theaters early this summer that created a lot of debate on what exactly is the purpose of these camps and what effect do they have on society.

The issue was also magnified after the leading pastor in the organization was disgraced for the usual reasons pastors are disgraced these days.

It seems Pakistan has an answer for the problem, and then investigate….


oryx said...

"Led by Fischer, the children pray in tongues, as is common in charismatic strains of Pentecostalism; tearfully beg God to end abortion; and bless President Bush at a weeklong camp in Devils Lake, N.D."

Nothing particularly illegal there. Or in fact, harmful, unless asking God to bless President Bush is harmful. Perhaps God can bless him with good sense and righteous judgement.

"Fischer has drawn fire from some corners for "brainwashing" the children."

The relevant question is: were the kids' parents of the same opinion?

Vandalising the camp because you don't like, or agree with, the teaching there...now that is illegal.

Just a small detail worth mentioning: "the leading pastor in the organisation" was not the one who was disgraced. From the report, it appears that the leading pastor in the organisation is Fischer. Ted Haggard, from another church, was also shown preaching (at the camp) in the movie...he was the one disgraced for homosexuality, drug use and double standards and removed from his position.

oryx said...

P.S. What is the Pakistani solution you referred to? And how does this link to your earlier "Democracy" post?

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