16 November, 2006

What is yor country's brand value?

UAE is ranked #3 in the 'Rising star' category in the 2006 Country Brand Index report released by Futurebrand. It is also featured in the top 10 among countries for shopping, conferences and resort/lodging options.

Australia is #1 in overall rankings while UAE loses out in terms of Authenticity, Art & Culture, Natural beauty, value for money and several other factors.

The Download the full report (pdf - 3.65 mb) here.


nzm said...

These reports piss me off because of their lack of consistency.

If you try to compare the 2006 results with the 2005 results, they have changed or added the categories so you can't compare apples with apples.

For the UAE, the only 2 that can be compared with last year's results are the Rising Stars and Conventions/Conferences categories.

In Rising Stars, last year the UAE was at #2. This year it's slipped to 3rd behind China (#1 for 2 years) and Croatia. Let's hope that once it slips out of the Top 10 for this category that it's already appearing in the Top Country Brand category!

In Conferences/Conventions, in 2005 the UAE was at #6, and in 2006 it's at #9.

The other 2 categories where the UAE is mentioned - Resorts/Lodgings and Shopping - are new categories for 2006.

However, perhaps significantly, in the category Best Country to do Business in which was rated in both 2005 and 2006, the UAE was 5th in 2005 and not Top-10 rated in 2006.

In 2005, the UAE was 4th in the Most Improved Country Brand category, but this category was not rated in 2006.

archer14 said...

In Conferences/Conventions, in 2005 the UAE was at #6, and in 2006 it's at #9.

Lucky to find themsleves at 9, considering that GITEX is unknown to 7 out of 10 people in Dubai just about now.
Last year I was fuming because of GITEX ads eating up the available toilet rag news space, and this year...GITEX? whassat?

Woke said...

Inconsistency can be expected since the 'team of experts' change every year besides the difficulties in making a quantitative analysis.

Difficult to understand the changes in ratings for UAE. Maybe its the experts interpretation.

Conferences/conventions are rated on the basis on chances of UAE hosting a major international conferences/events, I think. Not necessarily the popularity of a local event.

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