15 November, 2006

returned to sender

"DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: An Israeli delegation was blocked from attending a United Nations-affiliated postal conference here this week, sparking protests from the U.N. and an American delegation.

The four-member Israeli delegation, headed by the country's postal director, was turned back by immigration officials at Dubai International Airport on Monday because they lacked visas, said officials here, including Juliana Nel, spokeswoman for the Bern, Switzerland-based Universal Postal Union.
The Israeli officials lacked entry visas and had not made an advance application to enter the country to attend the conference, said an Emirates government official, speaking on condition of anonymity.
On Tuesday, the Emirates authorities invited the Israeli delegation to return, but Nel said it was unclear whether they would, since the conference would finish Thursday."
-- from here


ahmed said...

We don't want the child-murderers in Dubai. No we didn't forget Beit Hanoun's massacre.

Anonymous said...

aha lets keep them jew boys out.

but sir could i just enquire as to the presence of the indian, iranian and russian mafia in the country.

oh well sorry , had to ask that one

Anonymous said...

Anyone who seriously believes that no Israeli's have been in the UAE over the past five years needs their head examined.

And Ahmed...nice to see you don't generalise about a bunch of people who were to attend a postal conference. I presume you won't take offence when people generalise about Arabs in the future?

Bob the Builder said...

Can't blame the Arabs, they have a good memory and are stubborn.

Which will eventually be their downfall. Stubborn people cannot forgive and forget, they enjoy whining.

poo said...

Ahmed -> Arab Name -> 9/11 had Arab Hijackers -> Ahmed must be a terrorist.

OMFG someone put ahmed on the no fly list.

The generalization I just made above is illogical. Just as illogical as your statement that all Israelis / Jews are child-murderers.

ahmed said...

The Israeli army killed the kids. The Israeli government is responsible. The Israeli people elected the government.

I'm not generalizing. I'm pointing exactly at the child-murderers.

Which world are you living in? All Muslims have been generalized as terrorists, not just Arabs. Wake Up.

FreshDubai said...

There's nothing more pointless and unconstructive than illogical generalizations. Good on the UAE for inviting the Isrealis back.

samuraisam said...

ahmed: So it's the child slavers vs the child killers; what a brilliant argument.

The article states the UAE has invited them back again; so you must really want them here.

ahmed said...

Samuraisam: Too bad an atheist who doesn't believe in the existence of God argues for the Promised Land and the Chosen People.

Sunglass seller said...

I sell very gud black sunglasses my dear. I want to give one free to ahmed as he is not completely blind. my supercool super black blind as bat sunglass will blind the blindest of idiots fools and jackasses. theese jackasses act like there blind but eyes pop out the minute u r not looking.

samuraisam said...

I didn't argue for anyone.

blogrosh said...

Well the Israeli folks didn't have UAE visas. If Israeli citizens need visas to enter the US, and if someone showed up without a visa they would be turned back. There is nothing wrong with UAE immigration officers following protocol is there? Hell, I am born & raised in the UAE, and I need a visa to visit or live in the UAE.

I mean Israel is aware of it's reputation in the ME region. The delegates should know perhaps no Arab country (liberal or conservative) is going to include them in a visa waiver program. Hence, surely they have had prior knowledge of this. Showing up at a UAE airport with no visas is arrogant and/or plain stupid.

I think there is more to the story - I sense this was done intentionally. Call me cynical/crazy - I DON'T CARE!

Leon Klinghoffer said...

"We don't want the child-murderers in Dubai."

The other side is not exactly innocent either...

Shiva said...

The question that comes to mind is "If the Israel delegation had their paperwork in order, would they have been allwoed in?" I think yes.

Lets not go postal over a bureaucratic bungle :P

Brn said...

dagnabbit shiva, you beat me to it. How could it take 14 comments before someone pointed out that you don't want to tick off postal workers?

Shiva said...

More so coz, now the door-2-door mail delivery is likely very soon.. once again we see a humane department responding to customer demand! ;)

Kiwi Boy said...

What's the big deal.. Israelis have been allowed into the Emirates before. I recall reading about an Israeli delgation at the IMF World Bank meeting here in Dubai. It was a few years ago, but I remember it clearly.
I think if they had the right paperwork, they'd have been let in.

What does the tragic accidental killing of Beit Hanun residents have to do with a postal conference? The Israelis have apologized for it and given medical treatment to whom they could.. sure, this doesn't bring back the 19 dead, but at least it shows that they regret it.

Lirun said...

im not a child murderer

blogrosh said...

Lirun, I suppose most frustration and/or anger is directed at the government and it's officials - not necessarily towards individual citizens.

I am sure you have Israeli or Jewish folks with similar sentiments, however that does not make all Arabs terrorists or killers does it.

Hesham said...

sieze a land based on some historical fable by force => brutally occuopy the sorrounding lands => act suprised if people lash back......

The premise of the whole state is built upon an immoral ratiional, by extension all those who contribute to this are infact willing partners, regardless if there is differences in some minor *tactical* issues...

Hesham said...


How many people with proper visas to the US have been turned away in the airports?

I can count a few...

Lirun said...

im not going to get into a political argument with anyone here.. its not why im a member of the community nor does it seem like a fruitful endeavour given the nature of the ideas put forward by those who seek it..

when i meet muslim people.. i dont forgive them.. i dont need to.. because i dont see terrorists.. i dont see violent people.. i dont see the stereotypes..

ever since i was child i have always had friends who have been muslim and also non muslim arabs and also non arab muslims..

i am emotionally blind and deaf to the hatred against me because it wont make things better and i refuse to become brainwashed by the propaganda that both sides is so comfortable at spewing..

you can trivialise and marginalise and confront my very raison d'etre as much as you like.. but it wont make me vanish..

yesterday i found out that one of my close relatives has a brain tumour.. she had one removed a few months ago.. the drs need to operate again..

she is so amazing.. she always talks about the great things that come out of that aweful.. about how her illness has brought her closer to certain people and taught her important life lessons..

well - what she has taught me is that this world is worth #$%^.. you come you go and you leave a little something along the way..

there's no time to be caught up in hating..

if you really want to talk politics.. email me directly and ill give you a full and proper run for your money..


Brn said...


What are you on about? When did I mention visas or airports?

My whole comment was meant as a joke based on postal workers reputation, at least in America, for going crazy and shooting people at random (as shiva said, "going postal").

Anonymous said...

"The Israelis have apologized for it and given medical treatment to whom they could.. sure, this doesn't bring back the 19 dead, but at least it shows that they regret it."
And that mistake was done by the sophisicated American Made precise weapons??? RUBBISH

Anonymous said...

The UAE doesnt recognize the zionist state. You dont like it? Too bad ...

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

On an Etihad flight we had an Israeli Jewish flight attendant.

The UAE accepts that Israelis exist, but to the UAE Israel doesnt, so I dont see what the problem is.

Hesham said...


Sorry, my mistake..it was late at night...

Rejected said...

They could have easily obtained entry visas to UAE. At least they are not Iraqis, are they?

Brn said...


No problem

Gulf_Pearl said...

Hey - don't get nasty. We all breathe, our hearts beat inside our chests and we bleed when we are cut. We are all born in the same way, we all die eventually and we all experience love, sadness, happiness, anguish and hope for peace.
We need to accept that there are things some of us we will never agree on, but to hate is to kill something inside of yourself - we shouldn't let it eat away at the capacity we have to focus on the future with openess and tolerance and most of all HOPE. Otherwise we are doomed to become backward-looking, blinded and deafened by the malignancy of bitterness which will destroy our chance of creating new beginnings. PEACE & RESPECT - we owe it as much to ourselves as to each other.

blogrosh said...

wonderful post gulf_pearl. I agree with you, however given the history, we shouldn't become all Pollyannas and be naive either.

What irked me or had me thinking was the fact the Israeli folks (as always) took it to the American delegation? i.e. "On Tuesday, the U.S. delegation issued a statement regretting that the Israelis were turned back" - I mean what's the deal there? Is this the way they intent to shame or hinder the UAE? Why not head to the UN?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

Because Israel is the US' annoying little chihuahua. and what happens when you're walking down the street and kick said really really annoying dog (I hate them everywhere in Arizona) they run back to their master.

Gulf_Pearl, nice post, maybe next we can all meet up behind your house at 4:20, hold hands, and sing cumbaya (sp?) as we bitch about if the incense burning is vegan or not.


Even if they had VISAs, they would have been turned back for some other made up reason. it is what it is.

Personally, the UN doesnt have this, or any other Muslim country's interest at heart (or any non western and/or superpower) for that matter.

The UAE, and all members of the Arab league shouldnt be members of the UN.

I mean really now, United is the farthest thing from the truth.

that dirty pig said...

How exactly does an Israeli apply for a U.A.E. visa? By going to the UAE Consulate at Tel Aviv? So they receive an invitation, and they turn up (very optimistic indeed) but they find themselves barred at the door.

No visa. Who can say that's not a valid reason?

Then..."they go running to the US delegation."

Oh, oh. Did they now?

Running eh?

Wish they'd done that before they blasted Basra.

Or before they blitz the living daylights out of anyone who so much as dares to lift a finger against them.

Oh, Momma!

Anonymous said...

They might not be child muderers themselves (which is probably unlikely considering the fact that all Israelis serve in the IDF) but they represent a government which commits war crimes, whose current deputy prime minister regularly calls for the ethnic cleansing of Arabs.

People generalizing about Arab people is different from judging representatives of certain governments. Some of the people commenting on this site need to to "get their heads checked".

So no, they can pack their bags and go back to their barbaric bubbles.

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

They could walk right into the UAE embassy in Turket or Egypt, 2 countries in the region who recognise Israel. it would have been easy. They, on the other hand, are the "untouchables" and I'm getting sick of it.

I mean seriously, just last week the US vetoed a UN resolution condeming Israel's actions in Lebanon. NOT imposing sanctions, just a piece of paper that says "you havent been a good boy"

"barbaric bubbles."

And the US, most of europe, China, or even the UAE for that matter is better?

I'd suggest you go out and meet some of your neighbors in Dubai who have had family members "vanish" off of the street.

I wish Israel did not exist, If a real war was called on it, I would be the 2nd to go, probably after my hot headed brother. but come now, if we're talking about war crimes, and crimes in general , then VERY FEW countries do not fit into your newly coined term. including this one.

Gulf_Pearl said...

Hey guys/girls
Mock my comments if you will, but I tell you - you will talk til you are blue in the face because you are actually powerless to change anything. pERHAPS that's why you are knotted up inside and full of vitriolic affrontedness.

We all know that the US has it's agenda for the region and what exactly do we do about it - oh yes we go on UAE community blog and get it off our chests - but does it make anyone actually feel better ?or doesn't it just make you more furious and powerless? Have you ever considered how you might get some empowerment to do something about the unujustness of the situation?

I'm not criticising here - I have my own beliefs and I don't need you to agree with me - but what does interst me is how you might consider try ing to do something or is it just a problem we can never resolve because we are not a democracy here?

A Blessing in Tragedy said...

And god willing we never will be. one of the drawbacks of a democracy is that all the stupid people also get to vote. (see the American 2004 elections)

After all, A democracy is also an imperfect society just like a timocracy, oligarchy, and tyranny.

This is why I don't understand the constant calls for democracy. it is no better, and no worse. THE SAME.

All the problems here are found in most countries and in many of them, to a worse degree.

Of course if your "opinions" are better than Plato's, then maybe you should start writing.

Also, you do understand that in a democracy, only a CITIZEN has the right to vote, yes?

trust me, the last thing you want is regular everyday UAE nationals in power, because the 1st thing that will happen is we're gonna run around with AK 47s killing anyone without a UAE passport (and some with)

And the next thing, about a day later, we'll get our 20 years with a Saddam like figure, one that the US will install, seems like their MO.

given the 2 choices, I prefer where we are at and trying to work with it.

Its good that you have your opinion. so do I, and mine make more sense, are more logical, and are just plain better than yours.

Who says so? LOGIC.

I'm not saying that you're wrong, just that you aren't living in reality and oversimplify matters.

Plato however does think that you're wrong. ;-)

gazablanca said...

First, I thinkit's bulldog, and not chihuahua.
Second, there was a time when South African delegates (including sports teams) were routinely boycotted and denied entry to other countries, and most poeople/countries welcomed that. Now is Israel a more enlightened state? is its government less guilty of crimes and racism? Doesn't Israel practice or condone torture, assassination, and horrendous DAILY humiliation and repression of thousands of Palestinian civilians; and most recently, wasn't it responsible for killing hundreds of Lebanese civilins and destroying much of that country? Now, aren't these good enough credentials to get you through airports (especially ARAB airports where you are admired, loved and respected) without visas? The question is, is Israel an apartheid state (or worse) or not? And if your answer happened to be yes and this is important to you (doesn't matter whether you're an Israeli citizen, a Jew or otherwise), then you should figure out how do you fight against the evil of apartheid, occupation, unrestrained state violence and human rights vioaltions. I don't think that welcoming an OFFICIAL Israeli postal delegation to the UAE (or t oany other country) can help this cause. If you don't beleive me, please take a trip to the West Bank and enjoy the Israeli "hospitality" at the 600-plus checkpoints there! You may not even need a visa!

Anonymous said...

We don't want the child-murderers in Dubai.

Then you need to clear out the city.

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