19 November, 2006

Secret Arabian not blocked.

I dont really like posting on the Community Blog, but I just want to say that we have changed the url of our blog too http://secretarabianjournal.blogspot.com/

None of us could have been bothered to send a million and one emails back and forth with blogger.com technicians before this problem of our hyjacked URL by that creepy cherry porno site was resoved, so Ali just made a new address.

All those who were kind enough to link to it before, please update your links. Thnx


secretdubai said...

This is the perfect place to post this - thanks so much. I have updated the Blogroll here, as well as my Bloglines and my site. Sorry for the trouble you guys have been through, Blogger really needs to get its act together. This is happening far too often.

MD said...

Will update it soon. Thanks for clarifying :)

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