06 November, 2006

A lost Humanity between International justice/justiceS:

Watching Saddam’s trail on T.V reminds me of the day of Slobodan's death. Slobodan, this guy who killed more than 300 thousands of human being, who was the reason of the homelessness of two million Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian people and who was the reason of inflaming the sectarianism wars in the Balkan! I mean no one can ever justify what he did… he was bad yes! And I was enjoying the fact he was being trailed in Tahiti… but why he was the only war criminal to visit Tahiti? And why Saddam is being trailed while there are worse leaders than him. I mean there are others who should’ve been treated the same way! Like for example Gorge Bush. Let’s say for attacking Iraq under a false reason (the removal of the mass destruction weapons) which took the lives of 100 thousands Iraqis and 2 thousands of young American soldiers whose lives were wasted in a dirty nonsense war (and the counter is still ON!)…. What about the war in one of the poorest countries "Afghanistan"… do you really think that chasing AL Qaeda needed all this destruction?! If you do, I don’t think so myself. I don’t think that whatever he was chasing has a rational ethical justification of demolishing complete villages and cities on the heads of its inhabitants… I swear even demolishing animals home on their head isn’t a human act! What about if they weren’t cats but human beings! I’m not going to mention Sharon, because apparently he is being trailed by God now… generally the leaders of Israel need to be trailed… for what? For all the humanitarian crimes they did after the World War 2 starting by Deir Ycine to Kafr Qasem, to Bahr AL Baqar& the Swees to Sabra and Shateela, to Qana all against a whole country real owners! I started to think of the Russian leader for his contributions in this field of war crimes toward the Sheehan people! Where is the international Justice in all of this! I mean how the criteria of the justice concept can be ever fixed! WHERE THE HUMAN COMES FIRST AND THE HUMANITY IS THE BASIC AUTHORITY OF ANY DECISION OF ANY KIND.

While the minor war criminals are in jails while the massive ones are ruling the world! The easy rationalization of what is happening is that the winner leads the other… where the stronger indicates the concept of justice in an arbitrary way to convict whoever he wants and to vindicate the ones he want! BUT this means we should stop talking about international common justice and start to talk about the international justices. This means we should start to admit to ourselves that what is going on in this world is dirty and inhuman. This means that bush has the right to kill 100 thousands in Iraq NOT because it’s the justice but because he is the strongest… I can’t understand why Slobodan was the only one to be trailed? Is it the international justice! Walla I don’t think so… there must be other reasons, strategic reasons! Or maybe its just one of the international justices! I’m totally mixed up… why should I bother myself, I mean I’m safe, I have food/Water/Money/Home/Family and all what a person would want… why would I care for what happens to others! Why would I cry seeing a child I don’t know starving to death, or care about an old man who I don’t know crying over his killed son? And why am I so touched by all these kind of stuff we watch everyday in news…! Maybe because I’m a human? With human feelings? Toward other human... So how come those who caused all this didn’t feel what I feel!


archer14 said...

Here's some food for thought...

Bush, whom you say as the greatest war criminal ever born - came into the equation after the 'small time' criminals such as Saddam and Milosevic committed attrocities which could no longer be tolerated. They went on with their killings and mercilessly slaughtered thousands of people, while the rest of the world was completely oblivious to the endless suffering.

And this suffering might come to an end with the intervention of the US, even if it means that they will plunder and corrupt the country of all of its resources.

Anonymous said...

No mention of Assad, Mugabe or any of the plethora of Lebanese leaders responsible for attrocities?

I don't like to defend Bush, but there is a difference between his badly calculated empire plans and pure evil.

Bush - for all of his considerable ills - has not murdered his political colleagues, friends, enemies and anyone who disagrees with him.

I don't believe Bush wanted this situation - where his troops are still there with no viable exit date, where US soldiers are being killed every day. No way. If he could have a viable out then he would take it.

MixMax said...

archer, you are very correct in what you say: this is the American way of committing crimes against humanity.
Lunatics like Saddam, Milosevic and Bush have 2 things in common: first, they don't care about a human soul. Second, get any resources in any part of the world with any cost e.g. Afghanistan = natural gas, Iraq = oil

blogrosh said...

UAE Alias - I don't think anything's changed along the centuries when it comes to mankind's hunger for power or cruelty to one another - these days we use WMD's/F16's/Stealth bombers.

Something I am unable to comprehend - no soul likes being occupied. Besides our health - freedom is something we all treasure much in our lives. Then why - why do most people give in, directly or indirectly towards bombing & killing of one another?

Archer14 - I do not agree with you mate. Yes Saddam was sad & damned, but waging a senseless war to eradicate someone like him is wrong. The US with all it's power & intelligence, could have done it in so many ways. The end never justifies the means. Inspite of all the positive acts of the US across the world, this war unfortunately has tarnished US image & perception across the globe.

I hope the situation in Iraq settles down and peace prevails. Perhaps the starting point of this peace process should come from the minds of Iraqi's themselves - they've been thru hell & back - they owe it to themselves & their future to bring peace amongst themselves.

Lirun said...

i tend to agree with the cynicism in the post.. i despise most of the world's leadership.. i know its easy given im not a politician.. but i fail to see many great leaders out there.. and i tend to believe that baby boomers have provided us with a basket of rotten apples..

i think they are single handedly the most corrupt and revolting layer that our society has ever seen..

however.. in response to the question in the post.. i think you care because you have no choice.. this is your emotional dna..

and i think its good.. its encouraging that through all the layers of our day to day stench there is a layer of humanity that pierces the indifference..

the next question is what do you do to change the things you hate..

and at the point its pretty much each to their own.. but the one piece of advice i'll be bold enough to give is: dont waste today thinking you'll do something tomorrow.. because tomorrow will never get here..

wishing peace to us all.. and sending a special prayer to the amazing people of iraq.. who are somehow managing to live through a hell i wouldnt wish on anyone.. and have shown us that they are intelligent and dignified.. they voted.. they have tried to rebuild.. they have not given up.. i take my hat off a million times to you..

uae alias said...

@ archer14:

Here's some food for thought...

Bush, whom you say you defend - came into the equation after Saddam and Milosevic but he committed much more atrocities than them on shorted time periods. And like them he went on with the killings and mercilessly slaughtered thousands of people, while the rest of the world is completely aware to the endless suffering, but can't do shit about it.

And this suffering didn't come to an end with the intervention of the US, but went worse.

@ Anonymous:
I gave my examples not based on the criminal records but based on whom were trailed…

You said that:" I don't believe Bush wanted this situation - where his troops are still there with no viable exit date, where US soldiers are being killed every day. No way. If he could have a viable out then he would take it."

True he wanted a quick war that will give him access to the resources of Iraq and access to threat other countries like Syria, he wanted a spot where he can help Israel more… lemme see.. mmm that includes KILLING ARABS AND THREATING THEIR SECURITY AND FREE WELL… not evil ha?

I do agree with you, this is why I don't understand why Saddam is a criminal in a court of law and bush is not.


I think a suicide bomber is a suicidal in first place… they are desperate and frustrated like anyone's state before they suicide (in general), so they think ok why not to die with bunch of those I think coz this misery to me, or those I don't like.. there were many religious sectors in Iraq since forever, they never bomb each other till now… it's the war ,the frustration, the sense of betray, the loss, the anger…. All those bring the worst in a human being.

@ Lirun:
I meant by asking why do I care, the human in me not me uaealias… because I know all humans care… it was like asking where is the human in those who commit those crimes…
And like you I do respect the honored people of Iraq .

Anonymous said...

If you think Bush sits in his office and thinks 'how can we kill more Arabs' then you have a problem.

Saddam sat in his office and deliberately wiped out villages of people who disagreed with him. Mugabe is not much better. Slobodan etc...

Bush is a pretty bad person, but you know, comparing him directly to Saddam is going a bit too far in my eyes.

Imagine if Saddam had the same military hardware as Israel/US - who knows what he could have done to his own people and neighbours then.

uae alias said...

well niether Saddam sat thinking "uh how can we kill more people" Both of them wanted to achieve goals that they already know will involve killing ppl and both of them did it anyway!

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