12 November, 2006

Unloved and unwanted and merely existing

In today's Gulf News there was this article on the Edit page which was close to the truth when it talks about life in the UAE - "Unloved and unwanted and merely existing" By Nicholas Coates, Associate Editor.

It is worth a read!

However there is only one thing I do not completely agree with him, 10 thousand is still a dream salary for a huge percentage if not majority of people living in the UAE! To go by the current salary rates, people working in the service industry or other likewise industries - the average salary is 5000 Dhs.

I think he needs to go out and really find out what the salaries in Dubai are! And how it is really really tough! But other than that "Kudos" for stating the truth. It maybe the obvious but only wish something happens about it!


marwan said...

Mr Coates will be told to 'go home' soon if he is not more careful with his words.

Otherwise, great article. And agreed with Free Mind - where on earth is everyone earning 10K? That would allow family sponsorships, decent housing, car loans and so on - nothing like what the vast majority of Dubai is going through.

Anonymous said...

AED 5K ?

Freemind said...

Yes AED 5K - wht's the question for?

Go all over deira, Bur Dubai, Karama, Satwa, Ghusais, Hor Lanz, Al Towar - it is AED 5K if not less mind you. Unless you are a manager - then again not all are managers!

Jomster said...

I guess Coates was high on something.Even 10,000 is a dream salary for at least 80% of the population that he refers to. Some people need to get out of their 4WDs and smell the roses or whatever else grows here.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mr Coates saying that the majority of people earn 'very much less than Dh10,000 a month' and that that is the problem?

What's the problem with saying that?

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