28 November, 2006

Dubai covets Airbus stake

AN investment arm of the Dubai government confirmed yesterday it may sell part of its holding in Daimler Chrysler, fuelling speculation that the Arab state is poised to buy a stake in EADS, parent company of troubled plane maker Airbus.

Would make perfect sense for Emirates,"fly'em fly'em on our own flying carpets" and hey why not. But I wonder if it would strike some anti-trust controversies


BD said...

Way to go for the UAE. Although I don't like the word, synergy of this sort would seem to be a very good move.

Woke said...

There might be objections from the EU since the Dubai govt holds a majority stake in Emirates as well.

nzm said...

Wow - and after publically denying that they would do this.

I wonder how Boeing's going to feel, given their investments into Dubai and the UAE?

blogrosh said...

I think this is positive news for all at EADS. Given the worries at Airbus, and if the success story of Emirates (partly owned by Dubai govt) is anything to go by, then perhaps EADS could surely use such expertise/business accumen today.

This is a HUGE step for the Dubai government, from a global business exposure and perhaps from a synergy perspective too?

As for Boeing's feelings - well perhaps everything is fair in love & war/businesses :)

It's quite amazing the level of clarity via which Dubai govt (be it the DP world issue) operates. They do not seem to mix anything (i.e. religious or political/regional issues) with business, except brilliant business accumen? Perhaps other ME countries (read Iran) could use the similar "accumen"

anonymous lurker said...

they are selling the daimler/chrysler stake to free of liquidity. do the math.

blogrosh said...

they are selling the daimler/chrysler stake to free of liquidity. do the math"

true perhaps, however don't you think EADS could be a better investment aligned with Dubai's tourism growth etc?

Taunted said...

Lets face it, there's no way emirates will cancel their orders for the A380, the more delays, the cheaper they get I'm sure an order for stake is a the best deal for them, and screws EADS even more - but provides a win/win situation for both of them

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