23 November, 2006

outside perspective..

ok - so granted this is coming from someone whose only genuine exposure to the UAE is this blog.. but it would seem to me that the lebanese share a comparable passion for modernity with many of the inhabitants of the UAE..

wondering how much the events in lebanon hit the UAE dinner table and what sort of views are floating around the place..

image taken from smh


ArabLady said...

its so sad to c our countries collapsing and being torn apart…..political leaders r leading us to no where…..its not about being Lebanese anymore but its all about whether u r Christian… muslim…pro-syrian or with Hamas…..so sad so sad…ppl from the same country are mobilized and grouped into parties fighting each other whether its thru media or on the streets………..wondering if there is a peaceful place on Earth to live in

faraj hamood said...

ah for th lbanon of old(b4 1975)!
thos truly were the days!

Lirun said...

i think its sad too

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