16 November, 2006

Alcohol, and drinking it.

Since 'a British manager' was accused of drinking beer in a pub there’ve been questions raised about the legality of alcohol consumption in Dubai.

While I'm sure we don't know all the facts surrounding that story, confusion seems to be the order of the day – 'alcohol is freely available but it’s an offence to drink it' seems to be the thrust of the confusion.

7Days has an article that tries to explain the situation.

A key statement is that “According to the law it is legal for a non-Muslim to drink in a hotel without a licence as long as the bar has a licence.”

However, for drinking at home, including duty-free brought in from the airport, you need a Liquor Licence.


Anonymous said...

Du will be publishing this full page advert in all English language newspapers this Friday. Feel free to critique their marketing strategy.

Anonymous said...

This advert

Anonymous said...

I might add to that u could be arrested if u were found drunk outdoors.

desert_lady said...

In all the years I lived in Dubai, I never had a booze licence. I never felt I needed one.

This isn't the first 'drinking' case i've read about and if I lived there now, I'd definately be applying for one, just to be on the safe side.

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