19 November, 2006

Skating through the Traffic!

The new road toll to be implemented on Dubai roads, have people worried and thinking about alternative modes of transport. Here is one guy who perhaps decided to do something about it by taking a test run on the main road with his skateboard!

With no exemption for cars, taxis, motor cycles, buses, vans, trucks - I guess skateboarders will be the only ones going over the Al Garhoud bridge for free! Sorry for the bad quality of picture, but this guy was zipping way too fast too click. A quick and sure way to zip through the endless and unmoving traffic.

This guy is crazy and a clear danger to himself and others on the roads! There is enough of people becoming victims of car accidents everyday and the last thing we need is a crazy skateboarder on the crowded roads.

Only in Dubai! I wonder if he has a driving permit for the skateboard on the road?


marwan said...

I'm more worried about his dress code.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he could use a little skating too.

Sex and Dubai said...

LOL well give him credit where its due. We have cyclists zigzagging through traffic, so why not skateboards...?

archer14 said...
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archer14 said...

Ever seen a moron rollerskating diagonally alongside a 'high speed' road? I'm talking about the Ajman beach road.. and for some odd reason I felt like bumping him off.
Well tolls will bring out the best in people, like the makeshift road they built behind Sahara Centre by literally driving over tons of sand..sand which was dumped to prevent people building alternate roads to cut traffic.

Lirun said...

i was a boarder from the age of 10 to 17.. it was my main form of transport.. my best friend and i used to zoom down ben yehuda street from gordon to arlozorov and love every second..

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