28 September, 2006

Air Pollution in Dubai

Soon, we will all be living in the Health City!

Photographed at 8:50 AM, 27th September 2006

Total Number of vehicles registered in Dubai
Jan 2005: 470,000
(source: alshindagah.com)
Jan 2006: 631,000
(source: gulfnews.com)

That was a 34.25% increase in the number of vehicles registered in Dubai alone in the span of one year. If anyone has the figures for this year, please do share.


secretdubai said...

Wow - amazing picture.

(Btw I edited down your pic for size - clicking it will take people to the full size version. Pics that are too big do weird things to the page layout. Hope you don't mind).

Abdulla said...

I have used your picture for an essay im writing regarding air pollution in Dubai.

Gonna credit u ..

Thanks in Advance

Al Kaabi said...

Thank you for your wonderful picture, it really shows how big the problem is. I uesd you picture in one of my reports

Anonymous said...

this picture is obviously fake, how can the smog split up so evenly across the sky

Anonymous said...

thanks, i used your picture for an essay
and smog can split up so evenly in the sky because of the different "levels" , such as the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, etc.

mario said...

well my friend anonymous, if you don't believe the picture, come to Milan (Italy) and you'll see how bad (and evenly spread) it can be!
If you people would like to develop tourism, you'd better do something about it: write to your governors, complain! I'm telling you, we are in deep trouble around here!

Anonymous said...

why don't you download the high resolution map: www.bookofjoe.com/2004/10/worlds_highest_.html - 20k
you'll see that this Dubai picture is not fake. In fact, the satellite view is probably much worse today than it was at the time it was taken. And Dubai already was as dark as the most polluted areas in the world.

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