21 September, 2006

Gulf News vs Khaleej Times

When will Mr. Al Tayer & Mr. Galadari grow up? I don't care who has the highest circulation, this is not my problem as a reader. What I care about is the quality. So stop this cat fight please, concentrate more on your real job. Instead of fighting about who is number one, I believe that both of you should complement each other to raise the standard of journalism in the UAE. Both of you, take a chill pill :-)


shansenta said...

Well noted DG!

Al Tayer's comments seem interesting and thought provoking. And so does Khaleej Times'.

Although I do not have any personal preference for any of them, I do feel that Gulf News' "Paid" Circulation claims are "paid" too!
Everyone knows how the newspaper has been giving away the paper absolutely free (the amount paid for 1 year subscription is paid back in form of gift vouchers, which none would throw)!

Kh. Times too has started following the same formula - all in the name of "promotion".

All these brouhaha stampedes the fact that none of these newspapers are good, as far as journalism is concerned. KT's efforts of giving better wriiten journalism were dampened by TV/internet revolution that ushered in the "summarised content" era. GN has always been a better presenter visually, but again its journalism sucks! In recent months it has been trying to draw a silver lining by raising community voice on issues. But this too was a panic move reacting to Emirates Today and 7 Days kind of reporting.

My personal view is that none of the English newspapers are even half-way through the path to professional journalism. And that's why you see a lot direct reproduction of wired news or syndicated articles in these 2 newspapers. Just compare with WSJ, NYT, Times, Guardian, etc.

secretdubai said...

There's a reason this GN story was published this week, it's about more than a fight between two editors. All will hopefully become clearer soon.

i, Bobo said...

Personally, I think the editorial standards of both papers are crap.

Having said that, this is actually an encouraging sign. If a common and accurate method of determining readership is established then it is only a matter of time before consumers and advertisers can judge the value of both the paper and the company.

Whichever paper has the larger readership (for whatever reason) can then charge more for advertising -- this is key toward establishing a sustainable bussiness model in publishing. It might also bleed over into broadcast media which would hopefully become more responsive to the desires of the viewers.

Seabee said...

Exactly right Bobo,advertising rates are set by circulation/readership. In mature markets also by the demographics of the readers. We're a long way from true circulation & readership data, even further from the much more sophisticated demographics data.

But then big circulations don't equate with high standards or quality. They're two different things. Tabloids around the world outsell quality newspapers by a long way. It's the same with tv, quality programmes have small audiences.

The owners of GN & KT can fight all they want over circulation figures, the real issue is quite separate and that is raising standards in all departments of their respective newspapers.

MadMax said...

Isn't the cat fight better? If you care for quality, you wouldn't worry about giving them the chill pill.

Dou you want them to complement or compliment?

The complimenting has been entertaining so far :-))

GDN in Bahrain used to claim: 50,000 eyeballs read the newspaper everyday!

At least Gulf News is more colourful than the sorry dear Katie.

Anonymous said...

Its fnny to see KT using fabricated letters in their "Letters to te Editors" section:

KT is the best!

I HAVE been reading claims lately that Gulf News has become the largest selling English-language newspaper in the UAE. Let me tell you, I have spent 20 years at different places in the Middle East now, and there is no better newspaper than Khaleej Times.

I have been a subscriber for a long time now, and never felt the need to change it. I have seen it everywhere I have gone in this part of the world. I think it’s still the best.
- Waqar Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

Molly George, Dubai

22 September 2006

WHO sells more is not what matters to us. Rather, newspapers are judged by the quality of its content. The indisputable fact is KT is Number One in quality of content. That's why it sells. That's why we buy it. Any doubt?
- Julie, by email

My favourite paper

22 September 2006

I DON’T buy the argument that the traditional Number One paper of UAE, Khaleej Times, is no more at the top slot. I get to read practically all the papers here, such is the nature of my job, and still find KT the best.
- Sharma, by email

Strides ahead

22 September 2006

WITH regard to the ongoing discussion about the Number One paper in the UAE, I believe Khaleej Times is still strides ahead of the competition. It’s not surprising to see others claiming to be the best. After all, practically all companies engage in marketing exercises in the modern day.
- Salim, Sharjah

DG said...

Madmax, thank you brother for highlighting my mistake. I have changed the speeling to complement :-)

I feel all the people who commented here work in the media or journalism field? Am I right? :-)

Thank you to all friends who shared their opinion here, I really appreciate your valuable & informative comments :-)

DG said...

Sorry again, it should read as spelling & not speeling ;-)

Anonymous said...

hmmm i heard that neither Gulf News nor Khaleej Times pay wire services (Reuters, AFP, etc.) on time....of course my source could have been tipped off by a little birdie from 7 days or Emirates Today... :)

Anonymous said...

Hopefully things will become clear soon.

But out of interest. For those bashing GN and KT.

Any chance of anyone actually making an intelligent critique of the two papers?

Minus points for saying "They self-censor" because we all know that's a reality of life, and if you actually read the content you will see that both are now being far more daring than say a year ago. GN for example had a story about how deportees with HIV are being held in basically a prison and not given proof they are HIV positive. KT (although it's I love Dubai campaign was cringeing) regularly criticises the government. In fact both papers have been printing more 'critical' stories of late than 7days - which toned itself right down after presumably they were hauled over the coals.

So come on - lets see an intelligent critique, with valid points made.

Simply saying "the editorial standards are crap" or comparing them with NYT or someother publishing giant doesn't wash.

shansenta said...

Anonymous (at 11:07, 23 Sept.)...
It is indeed true that recently Gulf News has been quite daring - that's what I referred to as "panic move", since pre "7DAYS" era, this was unthinkable! And this daring journalism of 7Days had started challenging GN's complacent journalism... even though "daring" is not the last word in journalism.

Mme Cyn said...

Both rubbish. I get my news from BBC and CNN on line. Any 'local' news I pick up as gossip in the staff canteen.

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