13 September, 2006

Etisalat Launches (weyak.ae): UAE's First Virtual Community

Etisalat has announced yesterday the launch of Weyak, the country’s first comprehensive and bilingual portal fully accessible over Internet and mobile devices, exclusively for its customers.

Weyak, which means ‘With You’ in Arabic, is designed to offer the best and most relevant community content to people living in the UAE, along with services that are highly personalized and secure. It can be reached on www.weyak.ae for Internet and “mobile.weyak.ae” for mobile devices.

The fully customizable content and services portal includes the latest entertainment services and news from around the nation and around the world, Islamic content, and community resources ranging from e-mail, blogs and discussion forums to shared photo albums, downloadable content and gaming.

Etisalat customers using conventional Internet connections or GPRS-enabled mobile phones will be able to subscribe to the Weyak portal for free through their existing user IDs and prepaid or post-paid mobile numbers. Customers seeking premium content to download can pay for it securely over their existing connections.

To access Weyak from a mobile phone, consumers can send an SMS with the message ‘a weyak’ to 1010, and will immediately receive setup instructions.

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Emirates Mac said...

"UAE's first virtual community" - they must have a very strange view of the world if they think they are the first virtual community in the UAE? What about this site? What about a ton of other sites that could claim that title?

secretdubai said...

You know what makes me sad? A lot of people clearly put a lot of effort into this site, but they just weren't skilled and competent enough to make it excellent. Like so many online initiatives here, it's really third rate. The English is all over the place, the typos are horrific ("passwrod" anyone?). The legalese is a jumbled mess. The registration process is completely fked up. The content is bizarre, and nearly everything is in Arabic (fair enough - but have clearly defined Arabic and English zones).

For example: I signed my mobile number in to test it. I got a message from "Accessories"(?) with an "activation code". Where am I supposed to put this code, having navigated away from the page by the time I got it? When I go back there is no option to enter it, and when I click on Mobile: Follow up it just says "this mobile is already registered".

It's just yet another sad example of this part of the world being crappy, and thinking that's somehow good enough. It's not. This service needs a massive revamp and overhaul from its very launch day.

And I just wonder how many millions (of OUR money spent on overpriced phone calls and internet "services") they squandered on this?

Balushi said...

"Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author."

ETISALAT Chairman has asked me to post this question here

I Quote: 'If you guys at UAEcommunity are so concerned about free speach and censorship Than Why is it that YOU guys yourselves have Blocked Comments from appearing here with censorship and freedom??'


Al Tayer

secretdubai said...

Only non-member comments are moderated, and we approve as many as we can. Both of your comments have been approved.

But there are anonymous people coming on and making inappropriate comments, hence the moderation.

Anonymous said...

"ETISALAT Chairman has asked me to post this question here

Al Tayer "

"Ahmed Humaid Al Tayer, UAE Minister of Communications, will have plenty of reasons to look back with pride on his tenure as chairman of ETISALAT. It was during his period that ETISALAT developed its identity as the leading telecom service provider in the Middle East, capped by the December announcement that it had become the first in the region to offer 3G (third generation) mobile services commercially."

dated 26/04/2004

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