17 September, 2006

Qatar Science and Technology Park -Updated-

So the businessinnovationinsider.com is being amazed that Arabs are embracing innovation. Well I think QSTP is a great step and the way the authorities are tieing it up with academia and funding sources it might just be the next silicon valley of techie startups from the region.

I got a statement from QSTP management:
"There is a strong spirit of entrepreneurship in the Gulf region, which has traditionally been focused in areas such as construction andtrading. What Qatar Science & Technology Park is trying to do is broaden that out to include technology entrepreneurship - taking new technologies from the lab and building them into profitable businesses.We are building a business incubator now which will open mid 2007, and this will be supported by programs such as seed funding,entrepreneurship training and mentoring. This is an exciting time forthe Gulf's entrepreneurs and we look forward to building relationships as we near our opening."

Looks promising, already they have tied up with Carnegie Mellon,Weill Cornell, Georgetown and Texas A&M, which is no doubt a good step forward

Read on and please enlighten us with your views


DG said...

Void, they should say re-embracing the innovation. no matter how much they deny it, but the foundation for many modern day sciences was laid by muslims (arabs & non arabs).

Nice post, thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

"Innovation" is the dirtiest word in the world to a Moslem.

Anonymous said...

Wa sharrul Umoori Muhdathaatuhaa, Wa kulla Bid'atin dhaialah, wa kulla dhalatin fin-naar" Al-Hadith (Sahih Muslim).

Translation of the above Hadith: "Every innovation is a misguidance and every misguidance goes to Hell fire."

You can't make this stuff up.

your man in al ain said...

as far as i understood, the innovation you refer to, is innovation with regards to religion, i.e. new concepts in faith, altering the sunna, etc. but certainly not business related innovation, or did i get this wrong?

bizzwhizz said...

yes i think brother got confused my post is all about business innovation

Lirun said...

innovation is not just a discipline.. its a way of life..

you dont just conduct it.. you live it..

there are many things that can be said about my home.. bu no one can deny that we have the largest representation on the nasdaq from any country outside america because we have a very strong innovation culture..

my recommendation to those of you who seek innovation is therefore the following:

(a) view change not as a series of events but as a strategy..

(b) take a deeper and broader perspective of time..

(c) study the art of responsible improvisation.. sharpen your mind and your wit to able to undertaken solid yet expedient decisions that can shorten your time to action..

(d) realise that the essence of innovation is not in the investment or in the facilities but in the intellectual capital you muster.. it begins and ends in people and how happy they are.. the better and more free people feel - the more comfortable they are to take risks and experiment and the more likely they are to concede to the benefits of an external decision which allows innovation to not only be generated but also to be adopted..

bla bla bla
what would i know ;)


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