26 September, 2006

Freej: First 3D Animated Series In The Middle East From The UAE

Freej Cartoon
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Freej, the Middle East’s first 3D animated series is the brainchild of Mohammed Saeed Harib who also directs the fifteen standalone episodes of fifteen minutes each, launching this September on national television. Freej is the tale of four old national women living in a secluded neighborhood in modern day Dubai. The show’s main characters; Um Saeed, Um Saloom, Um Allawi and Um Khammas try to live a peaceful life in the midst of the ever-expanding city around them, but the city’s boom unveils new social issues every day that they would have to tackle solve in their own simple way. For those four old women, there is no issue too hard to crack with a good cup of coffee at Um Saeed’s house.

The first episode of Freej was premiered on Dubai TV and Sama Dubai on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. The first season of Freej will be rerun in the latter half of Ramadan.

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deema samir hakam said...

yes i read about this in either khaleej times or gulf news 's tabloid paper! i;m just back from vacation in the US. how is it?p;s advise!

Anonymous said...

is this available with english subtitles or better, english dubbed? sounds interesting..

samuraisam said...

I watched an episode of it this evening; extremely well done...

the plots are something to worry about though; (the episodes premise was translated to me by someone else); there were four female characters in the episode, one emirati, one irani-emirati, one-balushi-emirati and one of some other mugblood-emirati woman.
I don't see how the distinction is relevant.

Also, during tonights episode, it covered an iranian grocery owner getting angry because a number of indian groceries had set up. So he called the indian grocery owner and told him his wife died or somesuch, only he didn't have a wife; so instead he secretly hid a box of fireworks in the indians grocery and got him arrested.

Again, this was translated to me, so I can't vouch for the accuracy.

arch en tina said...

what is (mugblood)?

marwan said...

If what Sam says is correct, then they have pole vaulted over the line of political correctness.

Institutionalised racism! You know....for kids.

(with apologies to the Hudsucker Proxy).

jazm said...

mugblood - not pute/mix race

See/read Harry Potter

samuraisam said...

arch en tina: a mugblood is a 'muggle' in harry potter; someone who is half magical blood and half boring human blood; has a similar meaning and is derogatory like half-caste.

The actual character in the TV show (which I'd forgotten and replaced with mugblood) was an African-Emirati woman.

Maybe the TV show is celebrating diversity, but I'm not sure.

arch en tina(gedit?) said...

thanks for the explanantion ,guys aboot mugblood!by the way, iknow that they r wearing the burgas, but don;t you think it makes them look like ducks?!

Samawel said...

Old African-Emirati ladies are a lot of fun to talk to, just like Um Khammas. And Um Saeed reminds me of my grandma.

I think the show was quite a great one.

@samuraisam: Yeah, the show is celebrating diversity.

Phoenix said...

This is worth seeing, the art work is excellent with all standards, the story, editing and casting. This is an excellent program. Actually I didn’t expect to see something like this. All I can say, its excellent

Alisha said...

sorry samuraisam your bits out of Harry Potter are incorrect

mudblood (not mugblood) - offensive term for someone with human blood and magical powers

muggle - a human with no magical powers

that's off my chest now

Irena said...

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