16 September, 2006

Who needs cartoons when we've got the Pope?

I'm particularly intrigued by the "JIHAD IS HUMP OF ISLAM" placard in the upper right.

Ian Fisher of the NEW YORK TIMES reporting on the latest perceived insult to Islam:
Pope Benedict XVI drew rising anger on Friday over comments he made Tuesday about Islam, as Muslim leaders around the world accused him of dividing religions and demanded an apology.

In Britain, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Indonesia, Muslim leaders registered their protest. The Parliament in Pakistan passed a resolution against the pope’s statements, and the government later summoned the Vatican envoy to express official displeasure. In Lebanon, Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, the most senior Shiite cleric, demanded “a personal apology — not through his envoys.”
Full story is HERE.

I'm not usually one to prognosticate, but let me give it a shot here:

The Pope -- all Germanic and much more hardcore than John Paul -- will probably not offer a personal apology. Equally hardcore Islamists will begin screaming for a boycott of something, let's say for the sake of argument it's Italian olive oil -- because as we have all recently discovered -- most hardcore Islamists are unable to differentiate between NEWSPAPER CARTOONS and CHEESE.

Even after this, the Pope will probably still not apologize.

Then someone somewhere -- probably Pakistan -- will start a riot and burn down a KFC. Hundreds of people will perish in the ensuing rampage and Italian olive oil (or whatever) sales will plummet.

It is at this point that the Pope will issue a clarification which will be interpreted as a complete and total victory over Crusaders and Zionists -- sort of like the way having most of Southern Lebanon destroyed is defined as victory.

It sounds crazy, but it's true. Every time a bunch of religious fanatics in this part of the world gets a hair up their collective ass, a Pakistani KFC gets burned to the ground -- which, by the way is usually owned by a local Pakistani merchant and not some greedy American imperialist.

For more on the Global War On Chicken, go HERE.

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