25 September, 2006

"Random lunatics"

"Meanwhile, there is the blog terror: people are getting their understanding of the world from random lunatics riffing in their underwear, rather than professional journalists with standards and passports."

"So are we doomed to get our news from some acned 12-year-old in his parents' basement recycling rumors from the Internet echo chamber?"

Anyone else feel rather offended by this Time article?


DG said...

Not offended but amused by the description of the blogger. I have not seen any house with a basement in UAE so far :-)

Harsha said...


trailingspouse said...

Hmmm, visualizing everyone writing posts in their underwear is MOST offputting!

However the article raises some interesting points. All sorts of industries, particularly media and communications, are being turned upside-down by the internet. It's the speed of change that is so amazing.

Although I read several newspapers online, I do still find a paper copy much easier to scan.

Lirun said...

i was in oslo in march and i learned that norway is like one of the paper pulp giants of the world.. and that they face huge declines in orders.. i must say i am encouraged about the future of our forests (somewhat) and also encouraged that media is decentralising..

why not learn from ordinary people.. why celebratise journalists who basically were 12 year old acne ridden kids at some stage who are desparate to get famous - have no acting or singing abilities and have in the past driven information monopolies in their respective areas of coverage..

stuff that.. everyone can be a cynic..

rather than evolving with the new media technologies newspapers have shows just how inflexible they are and now we watch them crackle away in bonfires as their usefullness depletes..

blog-on people!! power to us..

Keefieboy said...

I'll gladly abandon printed newspapers (and books) as soon as I get me a completely wireless rollable/scrunchable touch-sensitive computer screen that is waterproof enough to use in the bath. (IBM has already demonstrated a roll-up screen so that moment may be closer than we think).

Kiwi Boy said...

Attention Mr Kinsley, you bastard: I may have acne, but I'm not 12.

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