14 September, 2006


"A lawsuit accusing rulers of the United Arab Emirates of enslaving and forcing tens of thousands of young boys to work under brutal conditions as camel jockeys over the past three decades, has been filed in the US."

Read more here, here and here

By the looks of things it's on the AP wire or somesuch; it will be interesting to see if any media in Dubai mentions it...

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Brn said...


Thanks for bringing this issue up, but I must protest your attempts to supress the Silly party membership, as well as the Slighty Silly and Very Silly members, from expressing their opinions as well.

Woke said...

I dont think the media in Dubai is going to mention any article which has a negative view about the UAE royal family.
The Vanity Fair article about dubai rarely found mention in the local media because of some references to royal family.

DG said...

No comments :-)

jummy bear said...


Balushi said...

Tell me something new!

... zzzZZZzz

Seabee said...

You lift the profile of the place as much as has been done in the last couple of years and people start looking closely at it. When we were a quiet little backwater no-one cared. We'll hear more of stories like this I'm afraid.

Arnold said...

Sensible comment follows ->


From Kentucky said...

This lawsuit comes hot on the heels of one of the largest auctions of thoroughbred horses in Keeneland (Kentucky), where Sheikh Mohammed paid $11.7 million for an untried and untested horse.

Seems like there's a longstanding squabble between Sheikh Mo and Ireland-based Coolmore Stud. Read more about it here: http://www.kentucky.com/mld/kentucky/15514301.htm

Also, news of the lawauit has hit all the newspapers in Kentucky where this has become big news.

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