11 September, 2006

Congratulations, here is your 1-year ban

Good News reports:
"The decision was taken to protect workers' right, solve their problems, educate them about their rights and create an opportunity to file their complaints and prevent exploitation,"
Humaid Bin Deemas, assistant undersecretary at the ministry said.

I was wondering how the decision of imposing a one-year ban on workers who fail to notify the Ministry of Labour after
terminating his labour contract for a valid reason within three months can protect workers' right, solve their problems and educate them about their rights.


Doubleletter said...

hehe, I was wondering the same thing :)

newspeak ?

nativeinformant said...

another case of 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' which seems to be the trend in the UAE's legal system.

DG said...

I think you guys have missed the point. The ministry introduced this penalty to encourage people to report bogus companies. Sometimes fear of punishment leads to positive results. This is human nature. Instead of criticizing the Ministry of Labour, we should support it in its drive to reform the labour market. This is my opinion :-)

Doubleletter said...

So people get a year ban if they fail to report bogus companies ? hmm.

How about preventing bogus companies from setting up in the first place ?

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