24 September, 2006

Melting Point - Beware of all that melts iN

Man pleads not guilty to secret filming. An article I found on 7days. Some food for thought that when cities becoming cultural melting pots they attract a lot of external aspects. We have to pick and choose to keep up and protect our morals and our culture.


skeptical said...

Yet when a gang of locals kidnap and gang-rapes a western woman (or, for that matter, a 12-year-old local boy) you're strangely silent. Is that part of the culture you're striving to protect?

This reminds me of the recent sayngs of a certain Indonesian imam, who believes that wearing a bikini is more sinful than murdering 200 people.

marwan said...

Skeptical beat me to it.

The trouble with demonising foreigners for all the ills of your society is that it conveniently ignores the demons lurking within your own.

Are they to be protected as well? Or is it only they have the benefit of "innocent until guilty'? While our Spinneys pervert has been given a summary media execution.

lol said...

What morals?!?!

Woke said...

Such anti-social elements exist in all societies and I dont think it is right to say it is an external aspect just because a British man is involved in one such incident.

trailingspouse said...

What interests me is that everyone is always identified by his or her passport in this country. Heavens above you can't even fill out a raffle ticket without being asked for your nationality! This place will never be a melting pot until we start being identified as (and consider ourselves) "Dubai residents".

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