20 September, 2006

Weyak is Weak.

Does anyone else find the design of Weyak and Blogspot a bit too similar?

(blogspot image scaled down and cut into two to fit on here properly; rest assured the height of the toolbar is just about exactly the same on both websites)

Equally interesting is Etisalat’s choice of categories…

I suggest the blogging community watch out, it looks like we’re in for some stern competition…

“I have very good experience in UAE, almost of them is good one, the liberty and freedom I didn’t enjoy in my native India I have experienced it here. Only some kind of mistreatment in workplace, was denied better salary and perks coz of my country of origin.

One best thing I have noticed is that in any office I mean government office, everybody are treated equally. Even a UAE National was waiting in queue, unlike in my country, where influential people get their work done without waiting.

Anyway do pen in your comments, this place is really great and the most secure place on earth. You don’t believe, then lets us know, pen it here.

And a big thanks for Etisalat to provide such a nice portal. I always thought Etisalat was behind money, and with this site they have changed that outlook. Even I placed a free advertisement in this site, its cool.” Link here (courtesy of the pickle in your shawarma)
Other interesting posts such as “life as an unemployed invalid” are worth reading.

There are already some other daring bloggers who’ve used their real names, and uploaded their photographs; it’ll be interesting to see how Etisalat/the TRA/Du/the government react to said blogs.


Keefieboy said...

Weaky is utterly bizarre: why has Etisalat invested however many rupees it cost to develop this thing? Is it because the Arabic side of it is better than anything offered by the established blog engines?

Or is the conspiracy theory true - they will block Blogger et al and force us to use Weaky?

ahmed said...

Giving Etisalat the reason to block the UAE Community Portal. Every second post is attacking Etisalat.

Wont hurt me much, Im not listed. I will miss commenting though ;-)

And the Joke of the Day:

LEAVE A COMMENT (on weyak Blogs)
Choose Identity:
1.Weyak Blogger

Choose the third option if you want to be anonymous ;)

Anonymous said...


If the block the entire blogger.com site then you will be hurt. No?

We're not talking just this UAE community site but the blogger.com - like they have done with flickr, myspace, youtube, etc...

DG said...

Well I will not be surprise if they did block blogger. I got an automated reply from them almost three weeks after I requested them to unblock this link. No prizes for guessing that, yes they regretted that they cannot unblock it because they think editing my blog account will corrupt my innocent mind. You see they care so much for us, they want to protect us from all evil things. I cannot define my "happiness" in words. The funny thing is that I can open an account here but I am not allowed to edit my account.

God bless them. Thats all I can say since I don't have any other option. May they suck more blood from our bodies till the last drop so that they can finance their overseas expansion plan. We consumers are just cash cows, nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry Etisalt, you are no more a source of pride for the Emirates. With your constant harassment & exploitation of consumers, you have become a shame for all of us. Do all of us a favour, withdraw from UAE market, I am sure you can maintain your profit growth rate from the new markets you have conquered recently.

Anonymous said...

hey guys, let's be fair. Etisalat blocks based on a government mandate.

this is a muslim and arabic country, they want to block inappopriate content from their nation to protect their culture (or even political setup). let's not just through sentences that etisalat blocked utube or anything else without the rest of the sentence that makes it meaningful.

all these sites blocked contain inappropriate material, at least according to the uae as a country.

i believe Weyak needs a fair chance... and if it was really helping the uae community then etisalat did a good job.

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